The Angry Moose - 4 Dec 2012

Cuisine: Burger
Location: Mt Lawley, Beaufort Street

Note: This restaurant is now closed

The Angry Moose Store Front

The Angry Moose Store Front

The Angry Moose Interior #1

The Angry Moose Interior #1

The Angry Moose Interior #2

The Angry Moose Interior #2

Without design I’ve been trying several gourmet burger joints and I keep discovering more. Today, a short bus trip from the Perth CBD took me to The Angry Moose in Mt Lawley. It’s very convenient as the bus stop happens to be just across the road from Perth’s latest addition to a growing list of gourmet burger bars. The Angry Moose has been open for around 6 weeks and has BYO as well as free wi-fi and also hosts kids parties. The place tries to have a bit of a family vibe with colouring books and a few LCD TV’s with kids shows on while the adult music plays in the background.

I had knocked off early as it was an early start to the day which allowed me to get there in the late afternoon on a pretty hot summer’s day. Walking in, the place is very vibrant with the right hand side of the store front having doors that open completely (see middle pic) so the venue appears more inviting and spacious. The comfy couches create an intimate area amongst friends while the rest of the venue is dotted with tables and chairs. There is also a bar in the center so you can pull up a bar stool and munch away at your meal.

The menu is quite expansive offering beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, pork and vegetarian options. Aside from burgers, The Angry Moose also serves nachos, calamari, share plates, mini meals and salads. They are also open for breakfast with their own breakfast menu. When you get to the counter, you will also notice various flavours of gelato to the left and in the display cabinet to the right, other treats. There’s also various beverages available for young and old.

Well I’m here for the burgers so I went with a pretty standard variety “The Angry Moose” which contained a beef pattie, green tomato chutney and Emmental cheese and all burgers come standard with rocket leaves, tomato and garlic mayo. I was also keen to try the sweet potato chips (they have regular chips too) but obviously they misheard and gave me regular chips instead. The protocol is place your order at the counter, pay, grab a buzzer, go to your table and when it buzzes, collect your meal. While I was biding my time I thought my mobile buzzed but didn’t realise it was the buzzer. I guess as it was quiet, the waitstaff brought my meal to my table anyway.

The Angry Moose Burger

The Angry Moose Burger

The burger and chips were presented upon a light wooden board (may have been bamboo) and the chips were served in a mini-deep fryer basket, much like The Merrywell did. It’s a nice touch but I wonder if it’s going to catch on in every place that serves chips which is common in just about every restaurant. Cutlery is also provided with a serviette (for later) but I prefer the hands on approach. The buns are supplied from the local bakery Lawley’s, while the Mogumber Beef from the Avon Valley is supplied by the local butcher, Mondo Butchers.

Biting in the burger comfortably fits in your mouth and the ciabatta roll encasing the contents is delicious. The beef patty has great flavour, however, could have done with a little more seasoning. The major drawback for me was the beef patty was far too pink on the inside. I think certain bites felt like I was eating raw meat. It was a real shame as the burger was quite tasty and that extra amount of cooking would have ensured far greater taste. The chutney seemed like it was store bought, out of a bottle, but had a certain sweetness which was nice. The Emmental cheese didn’t carry much flavour or gooeyness as that of The Burger Bistro’s Beef Big Smoke. The burger was dripping with some meat juices which were fine but it wasn’t overly messy which is a good thing. An enjoyable burger that went down comfortably and didn’t leave you feeling stuffed. The chips were a lovely golden colour and well cooked, crispy, with nice flavour. They were quite tasty but needed a little more salt, which I noticed sitting on the table at the end of the meal. I enjoyed the burger and chips and cleaned my hands with the serviette before bidding farewell. Another burger bar conquered.

The Angry Moose Food Review Summary

Verdict: I enjoyed The Angry Moose Burger in it’s entirety but felt let down by what could have been. If they had only cooked the beef patty longer instead of the very pink inside patty, it would have carried so much more flavour along with a little more seasoning. The beef from the local butcher is tasty and so too the local bakery’s ciabatta rolls. Good chips and all at quite a reasonable price. A solid offering but a not in the league of V Burger Bar, Jus Burgers, The Burger Bistro, or Flipside Burger Bar.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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