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Ciao Italia - Squid Ink Pasta

Ciao Italia – 31 Jan 2013

When I last visited some 3 years ago, the food was fantastic. This time around, nothing has changed. I really enjoyed all the dishes I ate, the pizza, tortellini, the rigatoni, the black squid ink pasta, and the delicious desserts. The prices may look a bit expensive but the servings are large. The quality of food is excellent and well worth the money. The venue may be a little cramped but the whole feel, buzz, business, and decor adds to the theatre. The Italian waitstaff are attentive and friendly and provide great service. The food is very quick out of the kitchen and the popularity of the restaurant is evident with a full house in no time. I really enjoyed the food here and would definitely recommend a visit.

Spicy Affair - Butter Chicken and Fish Goan Curry

Spicy Affair – 26 Jan 2013

One of the few Indian restaurants I’ve been to where the pricing of dishes is very reasonable. For some reason, Indian restaurants price their dishes more towards the upper end of what I’d expect and I don’t believe they can justify their pricing. However, at Spicy Affair, the well priced dishes deliver more than decent servings, containing a good amount of protein in their dishes with plenty of thickish, creamy curries carrying lots of flavours which are very mild. I didn’t notice any dishes containing any chilli hit of note so if you can’t tolerate the heat, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy the food served here. I like mixed platters which are a great way to start a meal off with a variety of offerings. Right from the start, the individual components were tasty and flavoursome, although, the Seekh kebab needs a little bit of work. The curries that followed were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the goat curry which was fantastic and I love butter chicken and was not let down by Spicy Affair’s specialty dish which was superb. The herb influenced Goan fish curry presents a different contrast while the vegetarian Malai kofta was something different. The naans were thick, soft, and filling and required along with rice, to mop up the delicious, thickish, creamy curries. While the curries are very consistent in terms of their consistency and texture, one may criticise the lack of variety in that all of the curries are very creamy despite carrying different flavours. I guess this is their style and if this isn’t what you’re after then you might not like it. But for me, Spicy Affair present excellent flavours at excellent prices, great value dishes that didn’t skimp on protein or their servings. I think this restaurant would shoot to the top of the best Indian restaurants in Perth in my opinion. It might not have the flashy interior, but they deliver on taste which is ultimately what people come to a restaurant for.

Burgermeister - Cheeseburger & Chips

Burgermeister – 15 Jan 2013

This is a burger like no other. It has a very classical feel to it and for some reason, reminds me of McDonalds but tastes nothing like it, so much better in fact. The presence of the pickles, a thinish fast food like pattie, the processed square cheese slices just melting, plus all the other ingredients combined for a great tasting burger. Unfortunately, the intense mustard flavour of the sauce overpowered the flavours and detracted from the overall experience. The beef patty could have had a little more moistness to it. However, those fantastic chips stole the show! Absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed the offering presented by Burgermeister which can be enjoyed in a comfortable, funky setting. Thumbs up from me.

Viet Hoa - Large Combo

Viet Hoa – Brookfield Place – 9 Jan 2013

Food courts can be a bit hit and miss but there can also be some great offerings. There’s Thali Contemporary Indian serving some of the best Indian food in Perth. A few other examples that come to mind are Crust Gourmet Pizza and my recent visit, Viet Hoa. These are both a “mini” version from the full scale restaurant offerings. Crust serves pizza by the slice without having to order a large pizza. Great way to try a some of the varieties on offer. Same too with Viet Hoa. The restaurant in Northbridge has an extensive offering. Here, there are dishes prepared from the menu or you can go with a combo and sample some dishes from the display cabinet. No compromise on quality, tender proteins, great flavour. It’s excellent there are some low cost lunch options which are still tasty. The food court is very clean. Viet Hoa has PayPass so you tap and go and then find a table and sit down to enjoy your lunch. I got a decent serving and was comfortably satisfied.