Burgermeister – 15 Jan 2013

Burgermeister - Interior

Burgermeister – Interior

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Nedlands, Hampden Rd

I was catching up for dinner with a friend today and he mentioned another burger joint which I had not heard of: Burgermeister. So off we went. It’s been more than 5 years since I’ve visited this part of Nedlands as I used to have a couple of jobs nearby. Hampden Road, or Broadway as it’s known, is kind of like a mini-cafe strip with a variety of restaurants lining the road. Being near UWA, there’s also a student flavour with a student travel agency, and next door, the “student caf”. You can get really cheap food which isn’t too bad. I remember having the BBQ pork and fried rice for less than $5! I did stop by and it’s only $4.50. I picked up some crab claws for $1.50 each which were really nice. Further down the road is Tiamo, an Italian restaurant where I was served such a large plate of penne pasta in a creamy white wine sauce with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and chicken. It was delicious and so filling it was ridiculous. I have managed to replicate a version in the kitchen which I enjoy every now and then.

Burgermeister - Cheeseburger & Chips

Burgermeister – Cheeseburger & Chips

Anyway, enough reminiscing, it was over to Burgermeister for dinner. Walking in, the place has a rather funky feel to it. Not sure how you describe it, but I liked it. It’s nice when places like this have their own style. It kind of adds to their identity. In terms of their menu, their burgers range consists of beef, steak, chicken and veggie. They also offer a range of hot dogs too – frankfurter, vienna, bratwurst. The sausages are German from Hela Continental Smallgoods. I must see if I can hunt them down in a nearby supermarket. If they’re available at any shop, let me know. I love sausages. If you’re thirsty, there’s a range of milkshakes available. There are also daily specials to choose from.

I decided to go for the cheeseburger with a small serve of chips. All up, $15.50. After paying at the counter, I waited in the booth and the burgers didn’t take all that long to be brought out of the kitchen. Much like Jus Burgers, a knife is stuck in the middle of the burger to hold it together and to cut it in half of course. Served upon a white square plate with a bag of chips and a serviette, I abandoned the cutlery first up. The chips were amazing! How else to describe such deliciousness! Crispy, but not overly crisp, perfectly salted, enough potato, the size of the chips was in between shoestring fries and chunky chips. Perfect even at the end of the meal. It was hard to get away from those chips but I did draw attention towards the burger. There’s nothing fancy about the burger but one bite in, it brought back memories – of McDonald’s! Don’t ask me why, and I must state that this burger tastes nothing like McDonald’s, but it had a similarity to it. By the way, I haven’t eaten a big mac in what must be more than a decade. I think what got me was the pickles. Lots of them combined with the look and texture of the beef pattie. The burger looks like something out of a fast food outlet, only it tastes so much better. The meat patty is similar in look and texture to that of a fast food outlet. It was a little dry, but full of flavour. The buns had a nice gloss on it and was tasty. The cheese was just melted. The burger had lots of flavour as a whole and is a classical burger, very different to all the others I’ve eaten of late. What let the burger down was the mustard sauce. It wasn’t hot in terms of clearing out your nostrils, but it was the intenseness of the mustard flavour which overpowered the burger. The ingredients of the burger became muted and weren’t allowed to shine. Nonetheless, it was a tasty burger which left me comfortably full and satisfied along with those amazing chips.

Burgermeister Food Review Summary

Verdict: This is a burger like no other. It has a very classical feel to it and for some reason, reminds me of McDonalds but tastes nothing like it, so much better in fact. The presence of the pickles, a thinish fast food like pattie, the processed square cheese slices just melting, plus all the other ingredients combined for a great tasting burger. Unfortunately, the intense mustard flavour of the sauce overpowered the flavours and detracted from the overall experience. The beef patty could have had a little more moistness to it. However, those fantastic chips stole the show! Absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed the offering presented by Burgermeister which can be enjoyed in a comfortable, funky setting. Thumbs up from me.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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  • Queen of Bad Timing

    There’s something really wonderful about a great burger! Going to have to try this one out next time I’m craving this type of food. Or even a hotdog because meat in tube form is heavenly 🙂

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