Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 18 Jan 2013

Twilight Hawkers Markets @ Forrest Chase

Twilight Hawkers Markets @ Forrest Chase

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets
When: every Friday 5-9pm till 26 April 2013
Where: Forrest Chase
More Info: Show Me Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets 2012-2013

After the success of the twilight hawkers markets over the past few years, it’s great the City of Perth continues to support this event with a return again this summer. The twilight hawkers market is a collection of food stalls set up in the heart of the city at Forrest Chase. The event runs every Friday from 5-9pm during the summer period and offers people the chance to try a range of cuisines from around the world. They range from sweet to savoury and there’s plenty of seating around with benches and tables and chairs set up in the middle. It’s like a carnival atmosphere and gets busy and hard to move around. Best to get in early, have a look around at what takes your fancy and sit down to enjoy some tasty fare.

Twilight Hawkers Markets - Shak Shuka Moroccan Stall

Twilight Hawkers Markets – Shak Shuka Moroccan Stall

Twilight Hawkers Markets - Shak Shuka Menu

Twilight Hawkers Markets – Shak Shuka Menu

Today is the first time I’ve visited this summer period. I had a quick look around and noticed several of the food stalls from prior years are back in attendance. I might revisit some but I was interested in trying something new so that is what I went searching for. Even though I was pretty early, there’s plenty of people about. Navigating one’s way around Forrest Chase to get a closer look at each food stall’s offerings was a little difficult. I was feeling really hungry so I was a bit more impatient in my search for something that would hit the spot.

I managed to find a Moroccan stall, Shak Shuka, which is different to one I had visited on a previous occasion. I just made a sweet Moroccan curry so I was keen to try something a little more authentic. I had a look at the menu which looked interesting, but since I’m not a fan of eggs, I decided to choose the chicken tajin with cous cous for $13. Fortunately it wasn’t crawling with people and there wasn’t a queue, as yet. Perfect! Made it quick and easy to place my order and receive my meal. I hurried away to a bench not far away, till I realised I better take a picture. Oh the sacrifice!

Twilight Hawkers Markets - Moroccan Chicken Tajin With Cous Cous

Twilight Hawkers Markets – Moroccan Chicken Tajin With Cous Cous

Fortunately, the meal I ordered was already prepared and waiting to be served up fresh to some hungry patron like me. For $13, I received a more than decent serve of cous cous, the chicken tajin prepared curry, and a small serve of a spicy yohurt. It was steaming hot which further exacerbated my patience as I waited for the heat to subside. There was plenty of chicken which was very tender and flavoursome. Much like the curry I cooked, this also has a sweet flavour while still retaining the spice induced flavour. Upon the loose cous cous, this was delicious! If this is what Moroccan food is like, then my curry was on par. The meal went down very well and was very enjoyable. And I’m not just saying that because I was hungry. That spicy yogurt presented a sharp contrast! While a cooling yoghurt presented a change from the warmed sweet curry (it’s sweet but not intensely sweet), there was some kick in the spice present. Going back to the comfort of cous cous and  the chicken curry was a relief.

Twilight Hawkers Markets - Hot Jam Polish Donuts

Twilight Hawkers Markets – Hot Jam Polish Donuts

Twilight Hawkers Markets - Hot Donuts Caravan

Twilight Hawkers Markets – Hot Donuts Caravan

I was very satisfied with that meal but still craved for something more. Something sweet. A nice dessert of some sorts to finish off and quell my hunger. So the search began. I came across this bright yellow caravan not far from Shak Shuka which I’m sure I’ve seen before but never considered. On closer inspection, this food stall was offering fresh hot Polish jam donuts. It certainly had me tempted and I fell right into the trap. How many was the question – 1 for $2.50 or 4 for $7? I went with the latter so I could take some home for my parents.

These donuts are not the round type with a hole in the middle. Rather, these are like tennis ball sized balls of deep fried dough, covered in sugar, and injected with jam. If you don’t want the jam, you can omit it but I’m all for the jam. They’re served nice and warm so after handing over $7 and taking away a paper bag, I found a bench, reached in and took a bite. Yum! What more can be said. Talk about the perfect comfort food. Really tasty, nice and doughy, a little bit of crispness on the outside but soft in the middle, nice coating of sugar for the perfect level of sweetness, and then you hit upon the jam which adds a nice flavour. There’s not that much jam injected into the donuts which was a little disappointing. Just a personal preference but the jam is to one side of the donut and then no jam. I took the rest home and had another and even though it was a train ride and a 20 minute drive home, it still tasted delicious!

I’ll have to try and make some more visits to try some other stalls. I’m sure there was an American caravan on my way out of Forrest Chase so I’m keen to try some American fare.  Twilight hawkers markets every Friday, so make sure you head down to Forrest Chase between 5-9pm to sample some cuisines from various cultures. It’s cash only and remember that these are not professional kitchens, you might need to have some patience while your meal is prepared, especially if there are long queues, so get in early and enjoy.

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