Viet Hoa – Brookfield Place – 9 Jan 2013

Viet Hoa - Seafood Soup

Viet Hoa – Seafood Soup

Viet Hoa - Large Combo

Viet Hoa – Large Combo: Squid, Honey Chicken, Lemongrass Beef, Noodles

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Location: Perth CBD, Food Court @ Brookfield Place – City Square

Happy new year to all! Hope you had an enjoyable holiday period. Can’t believe another year has gone by and so many restaurants visited. If you haven’t already seen my wrap up of some notable dishes from 2012 and a listing of the Best of Perth’s Best Restaurants – 2012, then follow the link.

Today, I was catching up with an ex-colleague and stopped by Small Print Cafe. It’s on the basement level of City Square in Brookfield Place. Just look for Grill’d and it’s kind of opposite. I wasn’t sure of the setup so I asked one of the waitstaff if we should line up to order and pay at the counter or do we grab a table first. We were told either, you can grab a table and we’ll come out to you. Well we grabbed a table and sat for awhile but no one came. Rather disappointing. I don’t mind lining up to order but be true to your word. So we lined up and decided to order some pies which they seem noted for. There’s baguettes and croissants, a few pastries, cakes and other goodies. Come time to order and the pies were gone! Gees, it was only 12:30pm. We moved along and had a look at the display cabinet at some other salads and such. I suggested that we should go elsewhere as I don’t want to pay for a sandwich or roll type meal. Not being snobby but I can make that myself. I’d prefer to pay for a dish. As much time was already wasted, I didn’t want to go to the other side of the CBD and thought what is around. We were going to visit Basillica but then remembered the food court so we went there instead.

We decided to eat at Viet Hoa. Viet Hoa have their main restaurant in Northbridge but the also have this location at the food court but the offering is less extensive. Second time for me where I had a large combo and selected noodles; sugar snap peas with roast duck; honey chicken; and a spicy beef dish. Very enjoyable and tasty flavours. For $10.50, one gets the choice of rice or noodles and then the choice to choose 2 other dishes. For a dollar more, you can choose 3 dishes. They also have dishes freshly prepared from the menu. I opted for the large combo again and chose noodles; salt & pepper squid; honey chicken (love deep fried foods); lemongrass beef; and also got a couple of prawn crackers thrown in. My ex-colleague chose a seafood soup from the menu which was prepared very quickly. It was very light and tasty and came with a good amount of seafood and a couple of prawns too.

I got a decent serving. I like Hokkien noodles which were well cooked and not doughy. The salt and pepper squid had excellent flavour and what stood out about the dish was how tender the round bits of squid were. The lemongrass beef was also very tender and had a lovely lemongrass flavour. And then there’s the deed fried honey chicken with enough crunch and honey flavour to keep you wanting more. The honey flavour is just right, not too intense, and not just covered in batter.

Viet Hoa Food Review Summary

Verdict: Food courts can be a bit hit and miss but there can also be some great offerings. There’s Thali Contemporary Indian serving some of the best Indian food in Perth. A few other examples that come to mind are Crust Gourmet Pizza and my recent visit, Viet Hoa. These are both a “mini” version from the full scale restaurant offerings. Crust serves pizza by the slice without having to order a large pizza. Great way to try a some of the varieties on offer. Same too with Viet Hoa. The restaurant in Northbridge has an extensive offering. Here, there are dishes prepared from the menu or you can go with a combo and sample some dishes from the display cabinet. No compromise on quality, tender proteins, great flavour. It’s excellent there are some low cost lunch options which are still tasty. The food court is very clean. Viet Hoa has PayPass so you tap and go and then find a table and sit down to enjoy your lunch. I got a decent serving and was comfortably satisfied.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Viet Hoa Restaurant Details
Food Court @ Brookfield Place – City Square
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