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Chefz Table - Dessert

Chefz Table – 27 Mar 2013

While open for breakfast and lunch, I think Chefz Table’s real strength and appeal lies in it’s name, the Chefz Table – degustation. For it’s location in East Perth away from the main CBD, I don’t think it will appeal to executive lunches. The al a carte menu is a bit too pricey for lunch and dinner, but the degustation is where the true potential lies. The variety and freedom afforded to the chefs in allowing them to create what is more than just a 4 course setting (or more courses depending on your preferences and budget) allows the restaurant to deliver a standout experience. I’m not sure if patrons may find the concept of being able to specify your likes and dislikes in designing a menu to your taste daunting or confusing, but they are definitely not limiting themselves to a set menu. I think the freedom and creativity shows in the meals which are well thought out, present numerous flavours and elements without being too confusing but complementary. The beef entree needed a little work but the fish entree, pork mains, and dessert were absolute standouts. A little more refinement and the experience can easily rise a few more notches to a very high standard of dining. Hopefully they can gain more exposure as this is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Grand Central Park - Patagonian Toothfish

Grand Central Park – 15 Mar 2013

Stepping in the venue has a very modern feel that engages the senses without being pretentious. Without trying to be too elitist, it seems like the bar is for a more polished patronage. Very smart venue, the menu has a nice selection of affordable items. I really enjoyed trying something completely different – patagonian toothfish. It’s very soft and flaky, not fishy, very well poached and buttery. However, given it’s richness it was superbly complemented by an interesting cold salad of orange segments (citrus), various tomato varieties (acidity), watermelon (freshness), pistachios (crunch & texture), Spanish onions and a vinagrette. The elements of the salad combined to cut through the richness and provide a real freshness in the hot summer weather. A very well thought out and balanced dish. I would have liked a little less salad and more of another element providing substance, like chips or something potato.

Pi Day - 2013

Pi Day – 14 Mar 2013

As part of some workplace meriment, we decided to celebrate Pi Day, which commemorates the mathematical constant,  π . Pi Day is celebrated on 14/3 or in the American date format 3/14 given  π = 3.141592653…. There’s also Pi Approximation Day on 22 July (22/7 -> 22 divided 7 produces a value that approximates […]

Shiro - Wagyu Beef

Shiro Izakaya – 5 Mar 2013

Dinner is certainly a completely different dining experience to lunch at Shiro. We were very well looked after by our waiter who provided excellent service and helpful recommendations. I think the dishes are pricey, but it was good to try something very different. I enjoyed the simplicity of sashimi which requires the freshest fish, along with the soy sauce and some wasabi. The soft shell crab was excellent along with the delicious sauce and those amazing, lightly fried baby spinach which was something completely unexpected. Excellent change in texture, but still tasty. This dish was the highlight for me. I didn’t really rate the pork belly but was possibly expecting something a little different. The pork was quite tasty, especially with the apple sauce. Trying high grade Wagyu beef was an experience but not something I’d probably do again. Quite tasty, but I would have preferred the beef cooked longer in hindsight to fully appreciate the flavour rather than getting slightly raw meat. It does become very rich after eating a few pieces so sharing 150g with my friend was more than enough. The purees on the plate were fantastic and provided a different contrast to the beef. All in all an enjoyable dinner trying new experiences. We were pretty full and our $186 meal came to just $93 after the 50% discount, so at $46.50 per head, was well worth it.

Icey Ice - Choco Waffles

Icey Ice – 2 Mar 2013

Cuisine: Dessert Location: Northbridge (& other locations) I was catching up with friends for dinner and stopped by Tak Chee around 7pm. I thought a booking was made but in the absence of one, we were fortunate to get a table after a short wait. I ordered Combination Kway Teow […]

Jus Burgers - Pommy Burger

Jus Burgers – 1 Mar 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed the toasted Turkish bun while the beef patty had density and flavour but required just a little more seasoning. All the other ingredients rounded the meal out but the mayo possibly, was a little sour and dominated the burger after awhile. The chips were average at best so it was a little disappointing. Still, a solid meal that was enjoyable.