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Miss Kitty’s Saloon – 30 Apr 2013

I really like the vibe and atmosphere of the venue. In keeping with the theme of what the restaurant represents, I think they’ve done a really good job of differentiating themselves. The food itself, carries on in the same vein but wasn’t spectacular but better than average – solid. The suckling pig was the highlight of the dinner, and I really loved the Poutine and pig’s head nuggets of the prawn cocktail. The ribs were also tasty and so too the pecan tart. The hot dog was pretty standard. I’d say the dishes are a little on the pricy side as a total bill but we were pretty stuffed with all that food and appreciated something new and different. The waitstaff were very friendly and provided excellent service throughout the night. As the night wore on, the venue filled up fast. Hopefully there are more American style restaurants to call Perth home.

Pie Face – 18 Apr 2013

I’m not a pie expert but if you’re in the mood for a savoury pie, I think a stop at Pie Face is worthwhile. The flaky puff pastry is delicious as too the filling but just need to watch the intenseness. As for the other pastry items, I can’t say I was impressed. Pie Face is a bakery and not a patisserie serving fine French made pastries. Having said that, apart from the danish which was on par with Miss Maud’s, the other items were ok. The chocolate mini pie was poor though. If you want sweet pastries, stick with Miss Maud’s – you know they’re tasty.

Jamie's Italian - Black Angel Spaghetti

Jamie’s Italian – 16 Apr 2013

I really loved the black angel spaghetti and all those juicy tender scallops. How generous! The flavours in this dish were just amazing and I liked the chilli hit which really grabs you just as you’re swallowing. It’s not so hot that you’ll be howling but it’s typical Jamie Oliver, always adding chilli and just that little bit more to just about every thing he cooks. To top off the meal and excellent service, I really enjoyed the sour cherry bakewell which also demonstrated different flavours all working together in harmony. Apart from being a little dry, such a delicious dessert. All that for $30.25 with a 25c surcharge for using my credit card (0.8%). Fantastic stuff Jamie. He delivers on the hype.

Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria – 8 Apr 2013

Guzman has a name you won’t forget and offers a range of Mexican fare at excellent prices in a lovely relaxed setting. The food is deceptively filling, packed with all kinds of flavours and textures. I loved the freshness of the guacamole, the grilled flavour of the chicken which there was plenty, the spiced tender rice, and the tomato hit from the salsa. The ultra soft tortilla holding it all together stays firms and never broke apart. I was really impressed with the excellent flavours and freshness that came through and really enjoyed my meal. As a comparison to Salsa’s, Guzman was streets ahead compared to the makings of a great meal at Salsa’s but lacking in flavour. Different eateries, Salsa’s more of a fast food chain, Guzman a cheap eats venue and an excellent one at that.

Jamie's Italian - Chocolate & Vin Santo Pot

Jamie’s Italian – 2 Apr 2013

Well I probably set my expectations a little too high and was subsequently disappointed. To be fair the wild rabbit tagliolini was delicious and had excellent flavours, but needs the lemon element of the dish tuned down so it doesn’t overpower it. The pasta was delicious and the serving more than decent for a $23 price tag. The dessert was also delicious and probably stole the show from the mains. I really loved the soft smooth texture of the very dark chocolate mousse which was very intense but perfectly balanced by the cream and vanilla ice cream. The biscotti is also a welcome relief, providing a textural element and a different kind of sweetness to offset the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate. The atmosphere was excellent, as too the interior, the service was refreshing, the price fantastic, serving size excellent, and I will definitely be making more visits. If Jamie Oliver can serve such delicious foods at such affordable prices, why does most of Perth charge so much more? Hope he opens up more restaurants in Perth and this starts a revolution in food, service, quality and pricing. Go Jamie!