Jamie’s Italian – 16 Apr 2013

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Perth CBD, William St above Perth Underground Train Station

After my earlier visit in April, I had to come back for more. So I restrained myself for a few weeks and then lined up outside Jamie’s Italian just after 11:30am. The line was much shorter as some of the hype has died down, mind you, when I leave work, there are long lines nearly stretching to Wellington St. Fortunately, the wait was about 5 minutes and I got seated immediately. Just like last time, the service was friendly and excellent. I got taken to my seat at the bar overlooking the mini-kitchen that prepares cold meals, antipasto dishes, and some of the desserts. If you want more of a description of the interior and my initial experience of Jamie’s Italian, see my first blog post. During my wait, I had the pleasure of seeing all these wonderful antipasto dishes lined up with their dockets waiting to be served to patrons once the hot meals were prepared from the main kitchen.

Jamie's Italian - Various Antipasto Dishes

Jamie’s Italian – Various Antipasto Dishes

I already had a sneak peak at the menu so I knew exactly what I wanted when I arrived. Given it was busy, the waitstaff were a little slow in taking my order, or maybe I was too eager, but I was served by a friendly guy during the course of my visit. I also got offered a basket of complementary bread with my lunch order but I declined. Must make room for dessert! I ordered a mains serve of black angel spaghetti ($22) – Squid ink pasta, scallops, garlic, chilli, anchovies, wine & capers. I was licking my lips and this meal would also make an interesting comparison to that I enjoyed at Ciao Italia earlier in January this year.

The wait was a little longer than I would have liked but my dish arrived and I was excited. Initially, the dish doesn’t look very appetising. The black spaghetti looks like a bunch of thin shoe laces or thin black worms. But after unwinding the tightly bound spaghetti, the plate was filled with plenty to tackle. I was surprised to see 11 juicy scallops which were cooked to perfection, succulent, juicy, just enough give, yum. First bite of the dish and wow, what flavours! You can immediately taste the slight saltiness of the anchovy, the garlic flavour in the creamy buttery sauce, the hint of white wine, the slightly acidic juice from the capers, and then there was the chilli hit which sprung up at the back of your throat. That chilli hit was very unexpected. You can’t taste it on your tongue but right at the very end when swallowing. From watching Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows, you know he loves chilli and plenty of it – pukka tukka! Typical Jamie Oliver. His name is written all over this dish. I really love the flavours and particularly the balance. Wow, I really relished every bite. A very filling and satisfying dish with a more than decent serve of pasta and all those scallops. By the way, while Ciao Italia’s version is very different and uses fettucini instead of spaghetti, and prawns instead of scallops, they are both extremely delicious in their own right.

Jamie's Italian - Black Angel Spaghetti

Jamie’s Italian – Black Angel Spaghetti

Now, what do I have for dessert? So much to choose from but you have to know the mood you’re in and what dishes will suit. I decided to go for the sour cherry bakewell ($8) – tart berries, sweet almond filling, served with clementine-rippled sour cream. One bite in and I loved it. The pastry is delicious, soft and buttery. The sweet almond filling is sweet, along with the cake, but then there’s the tart cherries to counteract the sweetness, but then the slightest hint of sourness in the refreshing cream and a little syrup to add a different sugary element. Talk about all those flavours working perfectly together. I really enjoyed the cake but my only criticism is the cake element is a little dry. I would have liked more moistness despite the presence of the cream which doesn’t taste like sour cream. The little mint leaves also leave a nice impression on your taste buds. Fantastic!

Jamie's Italian - Sour Cherry Bakewell

Jamie’s Italian – Sour Cherry Bakewell

Jamie’s Italian Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really loved the black angel spaghetti and all those juicy tender scallops. How generous! The flavours in this dish were just amazing and I liked the chilli hit which really grabs you just as you’re swallowing. It’s not so hot that you’ll be howling but it’s typical Jamie Oliver, always adding chilli and just that little bit more to just about every thing he cooks. To top off the meal and excellent service, I really enjoyed the sour cherry bakewell which also demonstrated different flavours all working together in harmony. Apart from being a little dry, such a delicious dessert. All that for $30.25 with a 25c  surcharge for using my credit card (0.8%). Fantastic stuff Jamie. He delivers on the hype.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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