Miss Kitty’s Saloon – 30 Apr 2013

Miss Kitty's Saloon - Interior

Miss Kitty’s Saloon – Interior

Cuisine: American / Canadian
Location: Inglewood, Beaufort Street

There’s always something new popping up in Perth and the latest addition is Miss Kitty’s Saloon in Inglewood offering American and Canadian cuisine. As far as I’m aware there’s not really much in the way of American fare apart from Tony Roma’s, The Merrywell, Jimmy Deans, and then there’s the fast food chains. I was really happy to go and try some American fare with my friend so we headed there for dinner.

Walking in, the venue has a unique feel to it. There’s a piano by the side door, the interior is predominantly wood, smallish lights hang form the ceiling providing a dimly lit area all in keeping with providing that saloon theme. A few of the waitstaff are also from America or Canada, there’s American tunes playing, a drum with a saddle is outside, and all that’s missing is the wooden hanging doors to bust your way through chewing a bit of straw and slinging a gun. Ok, maybe that’s more of a Western but you get the idea.

We were immediately greeted and taken to our table. The kitchen is very open and you will notice a few suvee machines sitting on a table, a selection of chilled drinks and a few pig’s head – I’ll get to that later. The tables are really small so by the time a carafe of water, glasses, plates, cloth napkins, and cutlery were on the table, there wasn’t much real estate left. However, once food arrived, the waitress took a nearby table and put them together. The table sits atop a log, or so it looks and the seating is chairs or a comfy bench in the mould of an American diner.

Miss Kitty's Saloon - Dog 'n Beer

Hot Dog and Beer

So on to the food and the menu has some simple starters, mains, and desserts aside from a drinks menu. There’s also a selection of Tuesday specials so my friend got the Dog ‘n Beer $16.80 (hot dog with corn chips and a beer). But before that, we started with prawn cocktail with pig’s head nuggets $18. We were really sold on the pig’s head nuggets, not so the retro prawn cocktail. The pig’s head nuggets were rich, succulent, and tender, with the crunch of the crumb providing a lovely contrast in texture. The dish was more of a deconstructed prawn cocktail which was pretty good. The lettuce is cut into chunks with the tomato and mayonnaise sauce spread around the plate with 4 juicy prawns. Unfortunately, we wanted more of those nuggets.

As for the hot dog which we shared, nothing special, just a typical hot dog with plenty of mustard just like the Hollywood movies and a lovely relish. The corn chips were probably restaurant made with paprika sprinkled on and added additional flavour.

Miss Kitty's Saloon - Prawn Cocktail with Pork Head Nuggets

Deconstructed Prawn Cocktail with Pork Head Nuggets

Next up we had the Poutine $12 which is a Canadian dish despite the French sounding name (obviously plenty of French influence in Canada). The dish is a kind of fast food comprising of chips with other ingredients. In this case it had a gravy and blue cheese sauce and we also opted for an optional foie gras for $3 extra. Doesn’t sound like much of a dish but it tastes pretty good. The chips aren’t crunchy and get a bit soft with the gravy but that’s how it’s supposed to go. The different flavours, particularly the blue cheese, really add something and make this dish really tasty. It does get a bit rich with the strong blue cheese flavour but there’s plenty of other food to try while eating in the course of your meal.

Miss Kitty's Saloon - Poutine with Foie Gras

Poutine – Canadian fast food dish of chips with gravy, blue cheese sauce, and optional foie gras

We also ordered suckling pig with flat bread $36. The first time I had suckling pig was in Bali and it wasn’t done very well. I’ve yet to try it Asian style apart from the Bali experience so was keen to see what this tasted like. It’s pretty much roasted pork but the flesh is very tender, moist, and succulent. Very tasty and easily the star of the night. There was plenty of juices sitting in the bottom of the pan and the dish also came with this very unique flat bread. It kind of looks like a crumpet, but breaking it open it is very soft and absorbs the juices. It isn’t firm like a pita so despite it being charred on the grill, it is very soft. Pretty tasty.

Miss Kitty's Saloon - Suckling Pig

Succulent Suckling Pig with Flat Bread

We couldn’t go past the ribs so we included this dish as part of our order. The ribs were sweet like honey but very different to Tony Roma’s. The ribs also had a slightly sour cheesy mixture which we were told by one of the waitstaff, it was yoghurt. Unusual yoghurt, maybe more in the vein of ricotta. But this slight cheesiness combined perfectly with the honey sweetness of the ribs. The ribs didn’t have all that much meat unlike Tony Roma’s, but it was tender and had great flavour.

Miss Kitty's Saloon - Sticky Sweet Pork Ribs with Yoghurt

Sticky Sweet Pork Ribs with Yoghurt

Miss Kitty's Saloon - Pecan & Peanut Butter Tart

Pecan & Peanut Butter Tart with Maple Syrup

The dessert selection is a bit slim but we decided to share a pecan and peanut butter tart with maple syrup. Got a bit carried away with diving straight in so the half eaten tart with ice cream was all that was left to snap in the pic. Sorry, but it tasted really good. The pecan is very rich but there’s enough in there to provide flavour and not overpower the dish. The maple syrup provides the sweet element while the ice cream helps cut through the richness of the pecan.

Miss Kitty’s Saloon Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really like the vibe and atmosphere of the venue. In keeping with the theme of what the restaurant represents, I think they’ve done a really good job of differentiating themselves. The food itself, carries on in the same vein but wasn’t spectacular but better than average – solid. The suckling pig was the highlight of the dinner, and I really loved the Poutine and pig’s head nuggets of the prawn cocktail. The ribs were also tasty and so too the pecan tart. The hot dog was pretty standard. I’d say the dishes are a little on the pricy side as a total bill but we were pretty stuffed with all that food and appreciated something new and different. The waitstaff were very friendly and provided excellent service throughout the night. As the night wore on, the venue filled up fast. Hopefully there are more American style restaurants to call Perth home.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

Miss Kitty’s Saloon Restaurant Details

Miss Kitty’s Saloon
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