Pie Face – 18 Apr 2013

Cuisine: Bakery
Location: Perth CBD, William Street (other locations around Australia)

On my lunch time walk around the city I spotted this bright red new shop called Pie Face near the fast food “lane” on William Street (where you find KFC, Hungry Jacks, McDonalds). I was intrigued and had a bit of a squizz to see what they sold. Lots of different savoury pies as well pastries and other goodies. Looks good so I thought I’d make a visit but never did, until today.

I stopped by at lunch time and carefully examined the menu and the display cabinets. I thought I’d get a selection of items since I love patisseries and while Pie Face is not exactly that, the offer of various pastries had my mouth watering. I ordered the following items which totalled around $19:

  • Chunky Steak & Cheese Pie
  • Mini Chocolate Pie
  • Mini Cherry Pie
  • Almond Stick
  • Apricot Danish

Now I must admit I’ve hardly ever bought a pie from out so I didn’t have much to go on. I think the last time I ate a pie was during Pi Day when I ate a pretty good pie from Golden Bakery. The savoury pie looked very appetising with lots of flaky puff pastry. The outer pastry held firm and didn’t break apart. Nothing worse than eating a pie and having the contents, which may be piping hot, spill over your hand. Not the case here. The filling comprised tender chunks of meat which had been ground down and the red wine flavour was evident, maybe a little too strong. The cheese seemed to be added just at the top and added a nice element to the pie. I liked the pie and the filling was tasty, but a little intense. I think they might have been a little heavy handed with the salt.

For dessert, I decided to tuck into the mini chocolate pie. I can’t quite describe the chocolate filling once I took my first bite. It’s kind of like Aero. The danger in such an item is the chocolate can get too chocolatey and make one feel a bit sick. In this case, the chocolate balance is fine despite the chocolate filling not being level with the pastry, but appearing like a big mound. Texture wise, I found the mini pie unusual. The chocolate was weird. I can’t really describe this item but I didn’t care for it.

The other items I took home to share with my parents. The mini cherry pie was a lot better than the chocolate version. The pastry is soft, buttery, and has taste and so too the cherry filling which is a little tart. The almond stick was pretty good and contained enough almond flavour to add that subtleness to the pastry stick. What I did like the most was the apricot danish. This was really tasty and at least on par to something like that served at Miss Maud’s.

Pie Face Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’m not a pie expert but if you’re in the mood for a savoury pie, I think a stop at Pie Face is worthwhile. The flaky puff pastry is delicious as too the filling but just need to watch the intenseness. As for the other pastry items, I can’t say I was impressed. Pie Face is a bakery and not a patisserie serving fine French made pastries. Having said that, apart from the danish which was on par with Miss Maud’s, the other items were ok. The chocolate mini pie was poor though. If you want sweet pastries, stick with Miss Maud’s – you know they’re tasty. Obviously their strength lies with their savoury pies.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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3 thoughts on “Pie Face – 18 Apr 2013

  • Sue

    We had breakfast at Pie Face in NYC, after 6 weeks of American coffee and greasy fried food Pie Face was a blessing, absolutely the best coffee, pies were light and tasty. They even knew how to make iced coffee with milk and ice cream instead of black with ice!

    • Shaun Post author

      Hi Sue

      I did see Pie Face during my travels in the states. Can’t say I ate much breakfast given the large servings. Usually skipped it and had one large meal. Wish I knew about the iced coffee because I got the black with ice and I’m not a coffee drinker! Aagh,


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