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Shun Fung on the River – 29 May 2013

If this is the kind of food that is going to be served to diners, I wouldn’t hesitate making a trip here. I appreciated the excellent service, presentation, array of dishes presented, and delicious flavours. I really loved the platter of Backed Oysters with Foie Gras Sauce, Chilli and Salt Mini Dried Fish, Golden Radish Balls; and the abalone superior soup, Szechuan chicken, and steamed coral trout were also favourites. But those Honey and Mustard King Prawns stole the show for me! I really loved the flavours present and is a dish very different to anything I’ve experienced. Of course, I love red bean pancake and the version presented to me was on the money. I really appreciated the invitation by Wen, and to Eva, the owner of Shun Fung Group. At the time of writing, I’m told that they can replicate similar quality food that was served to us beyond the Banquet room, except for the dim sum. The restaurant is still waiting for the appropriate utensils and other implements required to produce those dishes and once they’re there, delicious dim sum will be available to the masses. As the banquet was complimentary, I’m not sure what would typically be served and the pricing of those dishes. Thus, I cannot make a comment on pricing and value.

Seafood Spaghetti (Sea) and Ricotta Tubular Spaghetti (Mountain)

Maurizio Restaurant – 28 May 2013

Today, was a first time visit to dinner after 3 previous lunch visits. I was really glad to have experienced a degustation at Maurizio Restaurant. I thought it was well worth the money, 5 delicious courses with excellent flavours. It was a delight to experience a range of Italian cuisine with differing flavours. I really enjoyed the medley of 4 different components to kick the night off on our first course. The second course “from the mountain and the sea” was an excellent follow up. While the salty seawater from the seafood made the tomato sauce a little intense, it contained such great flavours and felt like the sea. The “mountain” component stole the show for me. I loved the ricotta, broccoli, and mushroom in a thicker tubular spaghetti, finished off with a slightly harsher flavour provided by the Parmesan. The sea bass was moist, juicy and succulent as our third course, and for fourth, it’s hard to go past the delicious roasted baby goat which is also a favourite and probably the signature dish at Maurizio Restaurant. The scallopini also contained great Italian flavours, and then the fifth course of that silky smooth creamy panna cotta was fantastic. The surprise dessert or sixth course of waffle crepe, Mascarpone, gelato and zabaione was something special to finish the night. I really enjoyed the array of delicious food presented throughout the night, the fantastic & professional service, and appreciate the generosity showed by Maurizio & Marco to us. Maurizio’s stories were also entertaining so a great night out all round.

Fish Tikka Amritsari and Paneer Pakora

Spicy Affair – 25 May 2013

Following on from our first visit in January this year, the food was just as delicious as last time. We started with 3 entrees of tandoori chicken, fish tikka amritsari, and paneer pakora which were delicious. There was quite a long wait for our mains though. With the small team at Spicy Affair, I think they’ve become a victim of their success and are having a little trouble keeping up with the dine in patrons as well as the takeaway orders. Not a bad problem to have and hopefully larger premises and more staff await. After we did get our mains, rice, and naans, we tucked into the 3 curries of lamb rogan josh, fish malabari, and chicken jhalfrezi which were delicious and contained differing flavours. The takeaway food was also delicious. We had an excellent night out and thoroughly enjoyed the food. If you’re after and Indian restaurant in Perth that serves delicious authentic food at affordable prices, then a visit to Spicy Affair won’t disappoint.

Durty Nellys - Steak Sandwich

Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub – 20 May 2013

Shafto Lane is always buzzing with activity and the restaurants along this strip have got to meet the mark. Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub is an icon of the lane but has company with The Generous Squire, where I enjoyed a fantastic steak sandwich. While Durty Nelly’s version couldn’t match The Generous Squire version, I still enjoyed the steak sandwich and flavours present, particularly the tomato relish. I was really after something kind of simple and the steak sandwich hit the mark.

Stuzzico – 16 May 2013

I really enjoyed the pizza’s in the dine out area by the street. There isn’t a dine in area but they offer free wifi and a PC. The pizza base is thin, light and crispy while the simple combination of ingredients work a treat in the different variety of pizza’s on offer. I really enjoyed eating the freshly prepared out of the oven slice of ham pizza. The room temperature rocket and proscuitto pizza was also delicious and presented a very different contrast. Most slices are $5 each and they also offer coffee, panini’s and a few pasta dishes. If you’re after a quick lunch time meal that is a bargain, then head to Stuzzico.

Saffron - Tandoori Chicken

Saffron Indian Restaurant – 13 May 2013

Well we must have ordered just about everything off the menu at Saffron! I can certainly say we ate a variety of dishes both at the restaurant and as take away over the coming days. Our dine in bill was $90 after the discount and includes drinks while the takeaway order was $72 for the 5 dishes, so it works out to excellent value, especially with the discount. The dishes are consistent, generous in serving, contain ample proteins which are perfectly cooked, and are all immersed in a flavoursome curry. I really enjoyed the chef’s platter amongst our entrees, and it’s hard to go past the butter chicken. The curries are generally on the mild side but each dish does have a “heat” indication and some dishes have a little bite but nothing that will blow your head off. However, while the dishes were delicious and certainly not lacking in flavour, some of the dishes were not representative of the what flavours the dish should represent, such as the tandoori chicken and biryani. A dinner at Saffron’s will not disappoint. The setting is smart and modern and you will receive excellent service, generous servings with excellent flavours. I certainly enjoyed my meal there and the take away food as well.

Bouchon Bistro - Strawberry Mousse

Bouchon Bistro – 8 May 2013

Bouchon Bistro would have to be the best French restaurant in Perth my friend and I have visited thus far. We found the dishes to be solid without being spectacular and held their own in terms of flavour. Unlike other French restaurants we’ve visited, the dessert hasn’t been the only highlight. I loved the pre-starter beef neck which was ultra tender, the pork terrine was a first time experience but I loved the parsley and mustard “cake”, the tender juicy moist spatchcock breast was delicious, the potato gratin was also tasty, and that delicious array of desserts on one plate to finish to the meal was superb. Having said that, the French bistro L’Angelus in Singapore I’ve visited on both trips there blow Bouchon Bistro out of the water. There is quite a difference to what I ate their and at Bouchon. In terms of price, Bouchon is very pricey and only due to the Dimmi 50% off the food bill did it make the dinner a bargain. L’Angelus would have charged similar prices when converted into Aussie dollars but quality wise, was worth every cent.

Jesters – 6 May 2013

While I didn’t try Jesters pastries, I loved the Footy pie but the Pavarotti wasn’t that great. The Footy pie was delicious with an excellent balance of tender chunks of meat, saltiness from the bacon, that lovely thick gravy, and the strong cheesy flavour hiding under the pastry lid. The Pavarotti had lovely tender pieces of chicken, but the Carbonara sauce wasn’t what I expected and let the pie’s contents down. The William Tell dessert pie promised so much but left you wanting. The flavour combination is there but the lack of sweetness in the custard let this dessert pie down and could have been a star. Still, if the other savoury pies are along the lines of the Footy, this is a great place to grab a pie for lunch.

The Liebster Award

Over the weekend I got an email from a fellow food blogger, Kristy from Queen of Bad Timing, nominating me for a Liebster Award. What the hell is that? So good old google got another run and told me it’s an award given to up and coming bloggers who have […]