Jesters – 6 May 2013

Cuisine: Bakery
Location: Perth CBD – Raines Square, and several other locations

After trying Pie Face, I thought I shold make a visit to Jesters, especially since I had an Entertainment Book voucher for a buy 1 get 1 free and June is fast approaching when the vouchers expire. Jesters are far more recognisable with several locations around Perth. I had a quick look on their website to figure out what I’ll get. They have a range of pies including one for breakfast (Morning Glory) and one for dessert (William Tell). Aside from pies they also offer sausage rolls, pasties, chips, drinks, coffee, and pastries. I popped down to Raines Square and ordered 2 pies ($4.90 each) for lunch:

  • Footy – Lean Chunks Of West Australian Black Angus Steak, Sizzling Bacon, and Cheddar Cheese
  • Pavarotti – Lean Diced Chicken Breast, Sizzling Bacon, Fresh Mushrooms, and Traditional Creamy Carbonara Sauce

One bite in and I loved the pastry. Different to that of Pie Face, not as flaky but really delicious. There were chunks of tender beef surrounded by a thickish gravy. The taste of bacon was evident and just under the pastry surface on the top was the cheddar cheese which had gone all gooey. I really enjoyed this pie and the flavours which were well balanced. In comparison, the Pavarotti was a little unusual. Looking at the pie contents after a few bites, it looks just like chicken and corn soup. It’s got that translucent whitish look about the gravy just like the soup. Like the Footy, there were chunks of tender chicken, bits of bacon giving a slight salty kick, soft mushrooms immersed in the sauce. I wouldn’t say the sauce was Carbonara though as it neither looked nor tasted like it. This pie was good but it was no where near the level of tastiness of the Footy pie.

Later in the week, I was feeling pretty peckish on a Friday arvo so I decided to pop down to Jesters again for something sweet. I ordered the William Tell ($4.50) dessert pie (Fresh Granny Smith Apples, Cinnamon Sticks, Creamy Vanilla Custard) which was nicely warmed and dusted with icing sugar. The pastry is consistent to the other pies and the warmed pie was perfect on a blustery winter’s day. This pie was frustrating – the apples were nice and soft, the cinnamon flavour was evident but could have been a little more intense, but the custard probably let the pie down. It looked kind of jellyish in texture and just needed to be smooth and creamy. What was really missing was just that little more sweetness. It’s one of those things you eat where you can just get a hint of the flavour you’re expecting, but it’s not intense enough and with every bite you keep searching for more. It’s not far off being an absolute winter warmer but in the end it fell short of the mark. Still good but could have been a whole lot better.

Jesters Food Review Summary

Verdict: While I didn’t try Jesters pastries, I loved the Footy pie but the Pavarotti wasn’t that great. The Footy pie was delicious with an excellent balance of tender chunks of meat, saltiness from the bacon, that lovely thick gravy, and the strong cheesy flavour hiding under the pastry lid. The Pavarotti had lovely tender pieces of chicken, but the Carbonara sauce wasn’t what I expected and let the pie’s contents down. The William Tell dessert pie promised so much but left you wanting. The flavour combination is there but the lack of sweetness in the custard let this dessert pie down and could have been a star. Still, if the other savoury pies are along the lines of the Footy, this is a great place to grab a pie for lunch.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Great
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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