Spicy Affair – 25 May 2013

Cuisine: Indian
Location: East Victoria Park

We were celebrating a family birthday so we chose to make another visit to Spicy Affair after experiencing the delicious flavours on our first visit to Spicy Affair in Jan 2013. Ensure you make a booking as this place is popular and fills up fast on a Saturday night. There were several patrons that got turned away during the night and plenty of people stopped by to pick up their takeaway orders. The restaurant isn’t large and the staff are few (I think a husband and wife team with a few extra staff), but the delicious food turned out speaks of their popularity.

We were brought a basket of pappadums to start and a bottle of cold water and offered drinks. We decided to try different menu items to what we ordered last time and chose 3 entrees to kick things off:


Fish Tikka Amritsari and Paneer Pakora

Fish Tikka Amritsari and Paneer Pakora

  • Paneer Pakora (above, front) $10.90 – An exotic cheese marinated in gram flour batter and cooked, served with mint chutney. Mum loves trying a restaurant’s paneer which is an Indian cheese. I’m not a big fan of it but I liked the version presented. Silky smooth parcels coated in a batter and deep fried. I really enjoyed this.
  • Fish Tikka Amritsari (above, back) $13.90 – Boneless fish pieces coated with indian spices and cooked until crispy, served with mint chutney. The fish was juicy and tender, coated in a lovely spiced batter and fried. There’s just enough spice to add flavour but the fish itself is not marinated in any spices. Really delicious.
Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

  • Tandoori Chicken $14.50 – Chicken on the bone marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, lemon juice and spices and then cooked in tandoor oven, served with mint chutney. I always like trying this dish at any Indian restaurant. Unlike Saffron Indian’s version, this was the real deal and contained the flavours that are typical to a tandoori chicken. You can get that oven / clay / kiln smoked flavour in the chicken itself. Generous servings with plenty of tender flesh and delicious once again.
Fish Malabari & Chicken Jhalfrezi Curries

Fish Malabari & Chicken Jhalfrezi Curries


  • Fish Malabari Curry (above, top left) $19.50 – Fish cooked with a musturd crushed coriander and onion sauce finished with coconut cream. This curry was very different to what I’ve tasted. It was a little course and contained great flavours. Dipping naan into the lovely curry and eating it is a great way to savour the curry. The loose rice also goes well with the luscious curry and tender fish.
  • Chicken Jhalfrezi Curry (above, bottom right) $18.50 – Boneless chicken cooked with tomato, onion based sauce with capsicum. When I read the menu description, I thought it sounded quite like butter chicken. How wrong I was! A lovely creamy sauce with completely different flavours to butter chicken. I really enjoyed this curry and thought it was the best out the 3. The presence of capsicum in an Indian dish was a little surprising (typically associated with Chinese or south east Asian cuisines) but I think it really works well.
Lamb Rogan Josh Curry

Lamb Rogan Josh Curry

  • Lamb Rogan Josh Curry $18.50 – Lamb slowly cooked in a traditional onion and tomato based sauce. The menu description looks the same of the Jhalfrezi minus the capsicum, but the flavours are completely different. How to describe an Indian curry is difficult in words as the different mix of spices can really change the character of a curry. Lovely tender pieces of lamb, although there were a few that were a little tough, immersed in a thick creamy curry carrying delicious flavours.
Plain Naan

Plain Naan

Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan

  • Steamed Basmati Rice $4.50 – Whole grain basmati rice. An excellent vehicle for transporting the delicious curries present, they will definitely stick to the grains. The rice is loose and flavoursome, and a generous serve was presented.
  • Garlic Naan $3.50 – Bread made from dough of refined plain flour with garlic and coriander leaves. You can’t go past delicious Indian breads to sop up all that lovely curry. I certainly made sure the bowls were cleaned of their curry. Can’t let any go to waste!
  • Plain Naan $3 – Bread made from dough of refined plain flour.

An order of gulab jamun $5.90 was shared for dessert – 2 golf ball sized dumplings in syrup, which were pretty good. After last time’s visit, we ordered 2 naans to share rather a naan each, as with rice, it becomes too much to eat. This time around, we ate plenty but were comfortably full. We had a some dishes left over so we asked for it to be packed up and took it home. We also took home an order of:

  • Hara Bhara Kabab $6.90 – mixture of spinach, potato and cheese, Indian spices, served with mint chutney. Had this last time and is something quite different. A vegetarian kebab with softness of potato but with spices.
  • Goat biryani $16.50 – Basmati rice cooked with baby goat and spices, served with raita. Once again, unlike Saffron Indian’s version, this was a truer representation of a biriyani and contained plenty of succulent goat with flavoursome rice.
  • Beef vindaloo $15.50 – Boneless beef cooked with spicy hot sauce and finished with vinegar. Packs some bite but bearable for me. Delicious curry and tender beef.
  • Shahi paneer $13 – Spicy Affair speciality fresh cheese cooked in a tomato sauce and herbs finished with a hint of butter and cream. I like the smoothness of the tender cheese and the curry which is similar to a butter chicken has that delicious creamy tomatoey flavour.


Spicy Affair Food Review Summary

Verdict: Following on from our first visit in January this year, the food was just as delicious as last time. We started with 3 entrees of tandoori chicken, fish tikka amritsari, and paneer pakora which were delicious. There was quite a long wait for our mains though. With the small team at Spicy Affair, I think they’ve become a victim of their success and are having a little trouble keeping up with the dine in patrons as well as the takeaway orders. Not a bad problem to have and hopefully larger premises and more staff await. After we did get our mains, rice, and naans, we tucked into the 3 curries of lamb rogan josh, fish malabari, and chicken jhalfrezi which were delicious and contained differing flavours. The takeaway food was also delicious. We had an excellent night out and thoroughly enjoyed the food. If you’re after and Indian restaurant in Perth that serves delicious authentic food at affordable prices, then a visit to Spicy Affair won’t disappoint.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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