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Cafe Karache -Lamb Biriyani & Curry Puff

Cafe Karache – 27 Aug 2013

Cafe Karache is a simple restaurant with a modest setting but obviously has a following judging by the patrons stopping by. There’s a range of curries to choose from and the menu ranges from Indian / Pakistani to Asian / Malay. enjoyed my lamb biriyani and the curry puff was pretty good. It’s not the most authentic biriyani I’ve had but it’s a very good verison. The meals are cheap, the servings decent, and the food enjoyable. If you’re after a cheap meal that still delivers on taste you can’t go too wrong with a visit here. Cash only.

La Cholita - Beef Cheek Taco

La Cholita – 23 Aug 2013

First time to La Cholita and the $15 all you can eat tacos deal is a sure winner. There are 7 taco varieties but you don’t get any choice, the kitchen picks one variety and then proceeds to serve the other 6 in no particular order, before repeating till you can’t eat any more. They kitchen was quick on the trigger with the tacos rolling out as quick as we could eat them. Once a few other patrons entered, things started to slow down, or maybe it was the pace at which we were eating the tacos slowed down as we got more and more full! The experience was a bit of a blur as we just kept eating but it was still at a comfortable pace. The tacos are small and can be eaten in a few bites, but they are sufficiently filled, don’t skimp on meat, have nice sauces but could be a little more intense, and the service is efficient. The tacos themselves are quite bland and act more as a vehicle for transporting the creations out of the kitchen. The condiments can help liven up the dishes but I would have preferred the flavour intensity of the tacos to be a lot stronger to compensate for the blandness of the tacos. Having said that, the beef tongue taco with that delicious Ranchero sauce was an absolute standout! If they can execute each taco variety like the flavours of this taco, they’ll be on to a winner. The prawn and pumpkin taco varieties were also really good too. Not sure how long this special offer is going so head down and see what you’re missing.

Churros Plus - Drizzled Churros

Churros Plus – 22 Aug 2013

It’s great trying new things and I was excited to see a churros offering in the heart of the Perth CBD. Unfortunately they don’t deliver on taste as the churros was chewy and lacked sufficient chocolate sauce. In comparison to Chocolateria San Churro like the one I’ve eaten at in Northbridge, Chocolateria San Churro wins hands down, there is no comparison. Hopefully Churros Plus can lift their game because if it’s as good as what it should be, people will be flocking there given the foot traffic.

No 4 Blake Street - Dessert

No 4 Blake Street – 14 Aug 2013

No 4 Blake Street is only 8 months into it’s life, following on from Tom Randolph’s other restaurant, Tom’s Kitchen. No 4 Blake Street serves breakfast/brunch, high tea in the afternoon, and then transforms into a smart modern setting for the dinner service of a multi course degustation with a choice of options. However, they also hold a once a month event, the Rockford Dinner, which I attended today and comprised of a 7 course degustation with matching wines from Rockford Wines. The degustation commenced at 7pm and finished shortly after midnight, a long night of eating and drinking. The first few courses are a little low in intensity of flavour but then the kitchen proceeds to blow you away with some finely crafted creations full of flavour. I really loved the third course of smoked rabbit and pea combination, but then was quickly impressed by the fourth course of pork braise with homemade gnocchi, easily my favourite of the night. This was so delicious and could easily feature as a main on the menu. The fifth course served up delicious smoked duck with a bodied chestnut veloute which was polished off, and then the sixth course presented lamb in three forms: a fabulous tender loin, tasty breast, and sweetbread. I absolutely loved the palette cleanser of the mango sorbet, coconut gel and pickled pineapple which would look fantastic on any dessert menu. But then we were wowed by the seventh and last course of the night, a beautifully presented and crafted array of flavours and textures for our dessert. The Pedro mousse had some alcoholic kick but the soft light pistachio sponge, candied figs, pear, and that delicious refreshing bay leaf and white chocolate sorbet just left you feeling totally satisfied. I really enjoyed my experience at No 4 Blake Street, the setting, ambience, and the professional and attentive service making it memorable. I think the only criticism I would have is the wait time between the courses was a little too long, making the night a 5 hour event, however, given the care, detail, and attention placed into every dish and serving 7 courses to a packed out restaurant, the kitchen certainly has it’s work cut out.

Yoshiya Japanese – 8 Aug 2013

Established in 1987, Yoshiya Japanese is still going strong. With the food served in today’s lunch, I can see why it’s still going. I really loved the moist succulent snapper with a lovely garlic flavour. It was very tender but just firm enough to hold together. Along with the fish sauce which brought out the flavour of the snapper; salad, rice, miso soup, and refreshing slices of orange to finish off, this made for a complete meal. The Japanese tea has a light tea flavour and goes down smoothly. You can feel it aiding digestion with each sip. I also loved the green tea ice cream. The ice cream was smooth and had a lovely green tea flavour with enough intensity. However, the touch of syrup and red bean to the dessert proved a masterstroke in drawing out and highlighting the green tea flavour. The syrup wasn’t too much nor too sweet and didn’t take over the star of the dish, the green tea flavour. Really enjoyed my lunch and can’t wait to visit again.

Yum Cha House – 4 Aug 2013

Yum Cha House is an excellent alternative to visiting Northbridge where free parking, a short walk, a shorter wait and smaller queues await. The range of dishes is quite large, maybe not as large as in Northbridge, but the quality is of a high standard and tastewise, you won’t be disappointed. I really loved the soft shell crab and BBQ roast pork in particular. Apart from the slightly overdone salt & pepper squid, there were few negatives. I was a little surprised to see one is charged for Chinese tea and there’s also a service charge included, but I had a really enjoyable time.