Butty’s – 15 Aug 2013

Butty's Crinkle Cut Fries

Butty’s Crinkle Cut Fries

Butty's Double Cheeseburger

Butty’s Double Cheeseburger

Cuisine: American, Burgers
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I’d seen an article recently in The Sunday Times about gourmet food trucks so I went hunting to see what I could find. One which I had visited previously was Butty’s. They served American fare where I previously enjoyed some delicious tender ribs. They also happen to be stationed in the Perth Cultural Centre on specific days so I headed there for lunch once the rain cleared. Also close by is the Scoop Wagon serving Ben & Jerry’s which I’ve tried before.

Someone at work mentioned they had a double cheeseburger ($10) with fries ($5) so I gave that a go and hurried back to the office before the heavens opened once again.

The crinkle cut chips were covered in a spice, were crunchy, and had soft fluffy potato in the middle. Most importantly they were yum.

The burger would have got a bit soggy by now, once the foil wrapping was removed. One bite in and you could immediately taste a strong grilled flavour in the tender and well cooked beef patties. However, some bits were a little too underdone and a little bit more seasoning would have helped but it was tasty. I loved the gooey cheese and the foil had unfortunately killed the slight glaze on the bun and sapped the crunch but it was still enjoyable. What I do miss from my recent travels to the US is American Cheddar. It had a very distinct flavour that made the burger. All in all a tasty filling burger with delicious crunchy crinkle cut chips.

If you’re after some American fare, try their burgers, crinkle cut fries or even opt for the cheese fries, or just go with the delicious ribs.

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