Cafe Karache – 27 Aug 2013

Cafe Karache -Lamb Biriyani & Curry Puff

Cafe Karache -Lamb Biriyani & Curry Puff

Cuisine: Indian / Malaysian
Location: Perth CBD, Murray St

Cafe Karache is another restaurant that seems to have escaped my attention on my lunch time walks till I finally got a whiff of something delicious wafting out of the restaurant and stopped to see what it is. I discovered a menu on the outside of the restaurant and was excited to see biriyani. In between the horrible weather, I managed to make my way here after the lunch time crowd had thinned somewhat and entered the restaurant. There were still a few groups of people enjoying their food and I was warmly greeted by the lady behind the counter.

I ordered the lamb biriyani and while waiting to be served, spied some curry puffs so I added that to my order. The lady took a plate and piled a few heaped spoons of the biriyani rice and then went to the selection of curries in the display window and took a piece of lamb on the bone with lots of curry, then added some cucumber and onions with a lovely dressing to the plate. It’s cash only and it only cost $9! I helped myself to cutlery, a serviette, and already filled glasses of chilled water and took a seat. The restaurant isn’t that big and quite modest, but so what, it’s comfortable and I’m here for the food. I was a little disappointed that the biriyani was just the rice with a curry added to it but the rice grains are very loose, have an excellent colour, and tasted really good. A traditional biriyani has the protein cooked along with the rice and spices so it was a little different to what I was expecting. The piece of lamb is of medium size and being cooked on the bone adds so much more flavour. Unfortunately there’s a lot of fat on the outside and not that much meat but the meal was enjoyable. The curry puff was pretty good too. I love anything deep fried and the pastry was crisp on the edges but a little chewy in other parts. The filling is a soft spiced potato. There’s a decent serving of the rice and with the curry puff and cucumber, it made for an enjoyable meal.

Cafe Karache Food Review Summary

Verdict: Cafe Karache is a simple restaurant with a modest setting but obviously has a following judging by the patrons stopping by. There’s a range of curries to choose from and the menu ranges from Indian / Pakistani to Asian / Malay. I enjoyed my lamb biriyani and the curry puff was pretty good. It’s not the most authentic biriyani I’ve had but it’s a very good verison. The meals are cheap, the servings decent, the people friendly, and the food enjoyable. If you’re after a cheap meal that still delivers on taste you can’t go too wrong with a visit here. Cash only.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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