Churros Plus – 22 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - Storefront

Churros Plus – Storefront

Cuisine: Dessert
Location: Perth CBD, cnr Murray & Barrack St

I have a more recent food review of Churros Plus here.

Do new places seem to keep opening up in Perth? Yes. Do I seem to keep walking past places that have been open? Yes. Well on my lunch time walks through the city I did notice this new place near the corner of Murray and Barrack St – Churros Plus. It’s not very big and the wall to the left has the menu of the various churros options on offer; drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soft drinks; and other delights like macarrons, crepe-on-a-stick, baby loaf.

Churros Plus - Drizzled Churros

Churros Plus – Drizzled Churros

It took me a while to get here as I was always full so I had a very light lunch and finally felt hungry and made the trip here. There’s no place to sit, just walk up to the shop, order and wait to receive some yummy churros. I chose the Drizzled Churros for $6 which is described as 3 churros rolled in sugar & cinnamon or your choice of topping: caramel, chocolate. I opted for the churros drizzled with chocolate and watched as the churros were freshly made, pulled from the deep fryer looking a dark golden brown, rolled in sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Ooh, I was licking my lips.

I got back to the office and opened my contained which contains 6 churros (I did ask the attendant and she said the 3 are supposed to be very long, but the “smaller” 6 are a decent size anyway). There didn’t seem to be much sugar or any cinnamon and the chocolate sauce was sparse. Anyway, I bit into the churros and they were chewy. Not particularly impressed and while the few blotches of chocolate sauce were nice, it clearly needed more chocolate sauce. I did share a few around the office but the ones I ate were much the same.

Churros Plus Food Review Summary

Verdict: It’s great trying new things and I was excited to see a churros offering in the heart of the Perth CBD. Unfortunately they don’t deliver on taste as the churros was chewy and lacked sufficient chocolate sauce. In comparison to Chocolateria San Churro like the one I’ve eaten at in Northbridge, Chocolateria San Churro wins hands down, there is no comparison. Hopefully Churros Plus can lift their game because if it’s as good as what it should be, people will be flocking there given the foot traffic.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Average
Value: Good
Recommendation: Try Once If You Want But Not Worth Visiting Again

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