Churros Plus – 27 Aug 2013

Churros Plus - Display Cabinet

Churros Plus – Display Cabinet

Cuisine: Dessert
Location: Perth CBD, cnr Murray & Barrack St

After my lunch at Cafe Karache I still felt a bit peckish and walked past Churros Plus. I decided to give them another go despite my first experiencing yielding chewy churros with little chocolate sauce. This time, I got the large Filled Churros – jumbo churros rolled in sugar and cinnamon, filled with your choice of fillings: caramel or chocolate. I went with the chocolate filling and waited while the churros was freshly prepared, the mixture oozed into the ultra hot oil and deep fried.

While I waited, I gazed into the front display cabinet of all kinds of goodies – slices, cakes, macarons, friands, and drinks. The Filled Churros is also visible on the third shelf to the far left. Well I’m glad I gave Churros Plus another go because this churros was so much better than what I ate on my first visit. This was quite a fat looking churros, with that same golden brown colour, rolled in lots of sugar and oozing with chocolate. One bite into the hot churros and I was really enjoying it.

Word of warning, stop, stand in one spot, and enjoy the churros. I made the mistake of walking down Murray St mall enjoying my churros on the go till the churros developed a split and the chocolate sauce proceeded to drip all over my suit and shirt, despite the churros being inside a paper bag.

Churros Plus Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’m glad I gave Churros Plus another go and obviously ordering the filled churros is the way to go. This version was hot, soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, rolled in plenty of sugar to provide ample sweetness, and the lovely chocolate sauce provides the yum factor. Maybe a tad pricey at $3.90.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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