Cuban Sandwich Co – 25 Aug 2013

Cuban Sandwich Co Van @ Kalamunda Markets

Cuban Sandwich Co Van @ Kalamunda Markets

Cuisine: Caribbean

Location: Various, check their website

I’d mentioned a few weeks ago that I had read an article in The West Australian about gourmet food trucks. After visiting Butty’s serving up American fare, I decided to check in on the others and was in luck to find that the Cuban Sandwich Co were going to be stationed at the Kalamunda Markets on Sunday till 12pm. So I made a beeline and headed straight there to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately it was a cold wintery morning from the bright sunshine of the previous day and that seemed to have kept the patrons away for the time being as the markets weren’t too crowded. That was good as it allowed me to get an unimpeded photo of the Cuban Sandwich Co van, place my orders, and have a chat to Justin who runs the operation. Justin’s very friendly and has only begun this venture earlier in the year, gaining a recipe from a friend in the US that makes pulled pork. The Cuban Sandwich Co just has then one item on it’s menu – a foot long roll filled with slow cooked pulled pork, Jalapeno’s, mayo, and lettuce. Sounds simple but if you haven’t eaten pulled pork, what are you waiting for?

The orders are prepared on the spot, fresh, right before your eyes, wrapped in foil and presented to you. They cost $9 and once you bite in you can’t stop. One guy came back to order another whilst I was chatting to Justin. Must be good. The combination of ingredients works really well. While the rolls are normally toasted, an accident with the toaster resulted in the rolls served “fresh” but they tasted lovely. Sometimes rolls can be pretty gluey but these were lovely (I believe Justin mentioned they came from Vastese Bakery in North Perth). The mayo provides a lovely moistness not that the slow cooked pulled pork is dry. The pork kind of looks like tuna in the roll but is moist, tender, and tasty. It’s cooked in sweet spices so the flavour is not meaty or really spicy and the pickled Jalapeno’s provide some acidity and if they are hot which mine were not, maybe just a little bit of kick. A bit of crunch from the lettuce and it’s all good. I enjoyed the sandwich but would have liked it filled with a little more pork and a slight lift in flavour intensity. On my recent travels to the US, we did eat pulled pork which is so delicious so I know how it can taste and was hoping for some of that flavour. That said, there is flavour in the sandwich and people who eat it come back for more. Enough said.

Cuban Sandwich Co - The Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich Co – The Sandwich

If you want to find out where Justin’s van will roll up, check out his website below. Justin tells me he’ll be setting up at UWA and Curtin Uni in the weekdays so those lucky uni students can enjoy those lovely sandwiches. Shame they didn’t have these food vans during my time at uni. I would have been all over them.

Aside from my visit to try Justin’s sandwiches, I also tried a lamb, feta and spinach gozleme from the Turkish stall which was pretty good and also jumped at the chance to grab some baclava which was delicious. My parents also wanted some coffee so we headed to Crema Gourmet Cafe and I spied Portuguese egg tarts so I got one of those. It was pretty good but lacking the typical flavour I’ve experienced in my travels overseas. The pastry was really good, not floury like some I’ve had and the custard was flavoursome. I also had a bit of Dad’s black forest cake which was delicious. My parents enjoyed their coffees which were served in large cups, the perfect drink on a cold rainy day.

Crema Gourmet Cafe - PortugueseTart

Crema Gourmet Cafe – PortugueseTart

Cuban Sandwich Co Restaurant Details

Cuban Sandwich Co on Urbanspoon

Crema Gourmet Cafe Restaurant Details

Crema Gourmet Cafe on Urbanspoon

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