La Cholita – 23 Aug 2013

La Cholita - Wanton Chips & Dip

La Cholita – Wanton Chips & Dip

Cuisine: Mexican
Location: Northbridge, William St

The guys at work had told me about the $15 all you can eat tacos at La Cholita last week so I asked more about their experience and decided to head there myself with some work mates. Since Facebook is restricted at work, I checked when I got home and saw that La Cholita are offering this special for a limited time Friday to Sunday, 12 noon to 5pm. Fortunately it was a bright sunny day which makes a change from the dreary rain soaked days we have been experiencing during winter. It’s not too much of walk into Northbridge down William Street, and then you’re there on the doorstep. We were the first to arrive and we were seated at one of the booths. The interior is very casual and it’s my first visit here since Friday nights are usually packed out with long wait times. I hear they do really good drinks but since I’m not into the alcohol, you’ll have to see for yourself.

La Cholita is the third restaurant in a stable of offerings. The other two are Who’s Your Mumma bar in Fremantle and Harvest Restaurant in North Fremantle. They focus on traditional Mexican fare and the perfect Margarita.

The deal with the all you can eat tacos is the kitchen brings out a tray of tacos of a specific variety and you eat and then another variety is served and you eat etc etc. The main point here is you have no choice on what type of tacos you wish to have, they come out randomly from the kitchen. Looking at the menu, there are 7 different varieties which we shared amongst the 4, then 5 of us. So here we go, round 1:

Ok, before we start we got asked for drinks which a few people took up and the rest had water which kept being replenished. Our table also was served 4 condiments – lime, mayo, spicy sauce, and lime sauce, to enjoy with our tacos. We were also presented with what looked like corn chips but in fact were wonton skins with a smooth bean dip of some sort with a little bit of sprinkled feta. It was quite moorish and the wonton skins were nice and crispy. We got refills of chips and were brought a second bowl when our party of 4 later expanded to 5.

Taco #1: Beef cheek, pico de galio

The beef was very tender, juicy, and moist and has a striking similarity to pulled pork. The flavours are lovely but a bit more on the subtle side. The taco itself along with the other tacos we ate during the course of our lunch is quite bland, but they are very soft and hold the filling well. Add a bit of mayo and spicy sauce and now you’re talking.

La Cholita - Beef Cheek Taco

La Cholita – Beef Cheek Taco


Taco #2: Slow Cooked Pork, Pineapple, Onion

Once again, very tender succulent pork with nice flavours. The pineapple had been cooked through and wasn’t too sweet nor squirt in your face juicy. I added a little mayo and some spicy sauce which increased the taste sensation.

La Cholita - Slow Cooked Pork Taco

La Cholita – Slow Cooked Pork Taco


Taco #3: Pumpkin, Pickled Cabbage, Queso Fresco

Very soft chunks of pumpkin which is a little rich but balanced by the other ingredients. The slight saltiness of the feta goes well with the rich pumpkin, a little bit of acidity from the pickled cabbage also helps to cut through the rich pumpkin. Nice flavour balance and for a vegetarian only taco, really tasty.

La Cholita - Pumpkin Taco

La Cholita – Pumpkin Taco


Taco #4: Prawn, Papaya Salsa, Cos Lettuce, Avocado

Lovely juicy prawns in a lovely sauce, refreshing with the papaya salsa. There’s 2 medium sized prawns in the taco. Like the other tacos before it, they are sufficiently filled, contain enough meat, and are tasty. I enjoyed the presence of the avocado, the first time guacamole made an appearance during the course of our lunch. It combines surprisingly well with prawn.

La Cholita - Prawn Taco

La Cholita – Prawn Taco


Taco #5: Beef Tongue, Ranchero Sauce, Coriander

My favourite of the day! This was an absolute standout firing on all fronts with juicy tender beef tongue and the ranchero sauce was fantastic adding so much flavour to this dish lifting it from yum to wow!

La Cholita - Tongue Taco

La Cholita – Tongue Taco


Taco #6: Baja Fish, Chipotle Mayo

The fish was coated in a lovely crisp batter and deep fried to a light golden brown complexion, lots of crunch revealing soft tender fish with a lovely flavoursome chipotle sauce. I love anything deep fried and loved this dish too!

La Cholita - Baja Fish Taco

La Cholita – Baja Fish Taco


Taco #7: Stuffed Jalapeno, Beef Picadilla, Walnut Sauce

Don’t be concerned at the presence of the Jalapeño, it’s not hot, it just tastes like capsicum. It too, is coated in a lovely crisp batter and deep fried (very happy!). It’s well stuffed with a chunky dense beef filling with interesting flavours. Adding some chipotle sauce adds some more flavour.

La Cholita - Stuffed Jalapeno Taco

La Cholita – Stuffed Jalapeno Taco

Well that was round one and we did launch into a few more tacos after that and hit the wall when the pumpkin was brought out. We could have eaten one more but we wanted the prawn. But you have to eat what is served and you can’t pick and choose. There’s no skipping courses. I ate 10 tacos and was very full and satisfied. Excellent deal for $15.

La Cholita Food Review Summary

Verdict: First time to La Cholita and the $15 all you can eat tacos deal is a sure winner. There are 7 taco varieties but you don’t get any choice, the kitchen picks one variety and then proceeds to serve the other 6 in no particular order, before repeating till you can’t eat any more. They kitchen was quick on the trigger with the tacos rolling out as quick as we could eat them. Once a few other patrons entered, things started to slow down, or maybe it was the pace at which we were eating the tacos slowed down as we got more and more full! The experience was a bit of a blur as we just kept eating but it was still at a comfortable pace. The tacos are small and can be eaten in a few bites, but they are sufficiently filled, don’t skimp on meat, have nice sauces but could be a little more intense, and the service is efficient. The tacos themselves are quite bland and act more as a vehicle for transporting the creations out of the kitchen. The condiments can help liven up the dishes but I would have preferred the flavour intensity of the tacos to be a lot stronger to compensate for the blandness of the tacos. Having said that, the beef tongue taco with that delicious Ranchero sauce was an absolute standout! If they can execute each taco variety like the flavours of this taco, they’ll be on to a winner. The prawn and pumpkin taco varieties were also really good too. Not sure how long this special offer is going so head down and see what you’re missing.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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