Yoshiya Japanese – 8 Aug 2013

Yoshiya - Hot-Plate BBQ Snapper Fillet

Yoshiya – Hot-Plate BBQ Snapper Fillet

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD, Opposite Pier St Car Park

I was supposed to be catching up with friends for lunch but due to the weather, that put a dent in our plans. So instead I headed off to the restaurant we were to visit – Yoshiya Japanese. I discovered this restaurant on one of my longer lunch time walks, along with a few other eateries I’ll have to try in the future. I think because of the weather, the restaurant was empty when I walked in but that didn’t deter me. I was greeted by one of the friendly waitstaff, but a much more solemn lady took me to a table. The interior is modest but creates a Japanese feel with wooden tables and chairs, those low wooden benches and flooring (I believe it’s called tatami) which require the removal of shoes, and the one of the waitstaff was dressed in clothes reflecting a traditional Japanese flavour.

I was presented with the menu which has a number of set menus for lunch to choose from, around the $16 mark. On the back is more al a carte dishes and the dinner menu. The set lunch dishes all come with rice, miso soup, and fruits. There are also a few teppanyaki choices which come in snapper, chicken, and BBQ varieties. After assessing my choices the solemn lady came over to take my order. I decided to order the hot-plate BBQ snapper fillet. I also decided to order some Japanese tea.

A few more people entered but I could hear my food sizzling away as it was being prepared in the kitchen and it didn’t take too long to be served. The snapper was perfectly cooked, tender, juicy, moist, and oozing with the subtle garlic flavour. There isn’t any BBQ flavour so I assume that the dish description relates to the barbecuing of the snapper. I wasn’t complaining, it was delicious! Along with a fish sauce mixture, it really brought the flavour of the snapper out. The salad was good too and so too the miso soup. The steamed rice added a bit more body and tasted nice with the fish sauce mixture.

I also decided to try Japanese tea despite not being a tea drinker. I’ve had Chinese tea which is soothing and helps digestion so I’m curious what the Japanese version is like. It doesn’t have a strong tea flavour, kind of like having hot water, yet there’s a subtle light tea flavour which is also very soothing and goes down smoothly. I liked it but the cup was extremely hot for a long time.

Yoshiya - Green Tea Ice Cream

Yoshiya – Green Tea Ice Cream

I also decided to go all out and get some dessert – green tea ice cream. The nice light distinctive green tea flavour was evident with enough intensity. However the syrup and red beans between the two scoops was a stroke of genius. It really brought the green tea flavour out and elevated the dish from great to wow! I loved it and it was a great finish to the meal.

Yoshiya Food Review Summary

Verdict: Established in 1987, Yoshiya Japanese is still going strong. With the food served in today’s lunch, I can see why it’s still going. I really loved the moist succulent snapper with a lovely garlic flavour. It was very tender but just firm enough to hold together. Along with the fish sauce which brought out the flavour of the snapper; salad, rice, miso soup, and refreshing slices of orange to finish off, this made for a complete meal. The Japanese tea has a light tea flavour and goes down smoothly. You can feel it aiding digestion with each sip. I also loved the green tea ice cream. The ice cream was smooth and had a lovely green tea flavour with enough intensity. However, the touch of syrup and red bean to the dessert proved a masterstroke in drawing out and highlighting the green tea flavour. The syrup wasn’t too much nor too sweet and didn’t take over the star of the dish, the green tea flavour. Really enjoyed my lunch and can’t wait to visit again.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Yoshiya Restaurant Details

Lunch & dinner menus for download: http://www.my247.com.au/
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2 thoughts on “Yoshiya Japanese – 8 Aug 2013

  • Sandy

    Shaun, you need to try Kido’s in Nedlands 🙂
    I think I always go past Yoshiya but for some reason have never ventured in. Is this the restaurant that has a sign out the front with the words “Best Japanese” or something similar?

    • Shaun Post author

      Hi Sandy

      I wish I knew about Kido’s when I used to work in Nedlands. Good old Broadway, lots of good eats there.
      I’m not sure what restaurant you’re talking about – have a look at Google map’s streetview of Yoshiya Japanese, it’s opposite the Pier St carpark.


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