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Cafe Nocello - Smoked Cod

Cafe Nocello – 22 Sep 2013

This is the third time I’ve visited and continue to be impressed by the consistency and quality of the food produced. I really enjoyed the wood fired Capricciosa pizza with ample toppings on a soft base. The meaty smoked cod was delicious with that herbed butter sauce, as to the juicy king prawn, and the mash potato. I really loved the venison filled ravioli. There was plenty of delicious sauce to surround the tender pasta cases which added to the flavour. Couldn’t leave without getting some dessert and the homemade tiramisu is fantastic! I really really loved it and it was so delicious, soft, smooth, with a lovely coffee flavoured soaked sponge. The profiteroles were no slouch either, lovely soft choux pastry encasing a tasty light Italian custard and with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce, so yum. What a way to finish a delicious meal.

City Heart - Mains

City Heart Indian Restaurant – 15 Sep 2013

Well I certainly got to sample a range of food from the dinner and takeaway food I enjoyed over the following days for dinner. It was good to see consistency in the deliciousness of the dishes, containing succulent tender proteins, immersed in flavoursome curries that could be a little less thick on some dishes, but were really enjoyable. Apart from the biriyani which missed the mark, the food was authentic and my parents certainly enjoyed the takeaway. Indian City Heart Restaurant is a hidden gem away from the mainstream activity in the Perth CBD and up there amongst the best Indian restaurants I’ve eaten at. I wouldn’t hesitate visiting there again.

Golden Century Seafood Chinese – 6 Sep 2013

Well I was impressed with the range of dishes that I saw and of those that I tasted. The quality, taste, and flavours were delicious and amongst our table, it worked out to a ridiculous $15 per head! I ate plenty and was comfortable full and hardly shelled out any money. Such great value, this is another gem and a contender against the other dim sim establishments for the best dim sim out there. I wouldn’t hesitate in coming back here again.