Cafe Nocello – 22 Sep 2013

Cuisine: Italian, pizza
Location: Success, close to Gateway Shopping Centre

I was catching up with friends and headed to Cafe Nocello for a late lunch. I’ve visited here before and really enjoyed the food. There’s seating outdoors under shaded umbrellas or you can head inside to the smart modern interior. After a quick look at the menu, we decided to order the following:

Cafe Nocello - Capricciosa Pizza

Cafe Nocello – Capricciosa Pizza

Capricciosa Pizza ($22.50) – tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked ham, mushrooms, olives. The wood fired pizza has a soft base, with ample toppings that melt in your mouth, like the gooey stringy mozzerrela, soft ham, juicy mushrooms, pitted black olives and tomato suace providing that burst of freshness. Delicious.

Cafe Nocello - Smoked Cod

Cafe Nocello – Smoked Cod

Chef’s Special #1 ($34.50) – Smoked Cod served in a butter sauce, upon creamy mash potato, a side salad, and a juicy king prawn. By the time I had eaten through three slices of pizza, the other dishes had started to go a little cold which is a disappointment to the quality of the dish served. The tender, chunky smoked cod was delicious, full of flavour with a lovely butter sauce. The mash potato had started to harden a little so probably wasn’t as smooth and creamy as when served but still tasty. I liked the king prawn which was cooked in it’s shell but split in half so you could scoop out the flesh. Lots of flavour in the tasty prawn flesh. The side salad with a tangy dressing helped to finish things off.

Cafe Nocello - Ravioli

Cafe Nocello – Ravioli

Chef’s Special #2 ($27.50) – Ravioli filled with tender venison, cherry tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, baby courgettes, wilted rocket, and grated Parmesan. As soon as I heard this special being read out I jumped at it! I love ravioli and this version was excellent. Lovely, soft, tender pasta, encasing succulent pieces of venison, served in a flavoursome sauce, with the vegies providing a nice addition to the flavours of the meal. There were 9 tender ravioli to share.

Thoroughly enjoyed lunch and it was definitely on to dessert.

Cafe Nocello --Tiramisu

Tiramisu ($9.50) – traditional homemade tiramisu. Once the desserts were served, the tiramisu looked quite grand in the tall glass, the kind which goes past your table and you let out a few oohs as people look on with intrigue. The long necked spoons were required to dive to the depths of the glass, revealing soft spoonfuls of deliciousness! I really enjoyed the fresh whipped cream and the coffee flavoured soft sponge cake. Wow, how good was this dessert? Loving it!

Cafe Nocello - Profiteroles

Cafe Nocello – Profiteroles

Profiteroles ($9.50) – filled with Italian custard and served with chocolate sauce and fresh cream. I also had a taste of this and loved the soft profiteroles filed with a tasty whipped cream like Italian custard. With lots of whipped cream and chocolate sauce, this dessert was very delicious, but the tiramisu still won out.

Cafe Nocello also has a range of pastas, wood fired pizzas, mains, sides, and desserts for dine in or takeaway.

Cafe Nocello Food Review Summary

Verdict: This is the third time I’ve visited and continue to be impressed by the consistency and quality of the food produced. I really enjoyed the wood fired Capricciosa pizza with ample toppings on a soft base. The meaty smoked cod was delicious with that herbed butter sauce, as to the juicy king prawn, and the mash potato. I really loved the venison filled ravioli. There was plenty of delicious sauce to surround the tender pasta cases which added to the flavour. Couldn’t leave without getting some dessert and the homemade tiramisu is fantastic! I really really loved it and it was so delicious, soft, smooth, with a lovely coffee flavoured soaked sponge. The profiteroles were no slouch either, lovely soft choux pastry encasing a tasty light Italian custard and with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce, so yum. What a way to finish a delicious meal.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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