City Heart Indian Restaurant – 15 Sep 2013

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Perth CBD, near corner of Pier St & Murray St

I was out with friends and decided to pop into City Heart Indian Restaurant for dinner. I’d discovered this place on my lunch time walks but hadn’t visited until today. They’re open 7 days a week and also have $20 lunch time specials. The interior is quite pleasant with plenty of seating and there’s plenty to choose from on the menu.

City Heart - Non-Vegetarian Platter

Non-Veg Platter for 2: Chicken Tikka, Lamb Cutlets, Chilly Fish Fry with Mint Chutney

We started off with the non-vegetarian platter for 2 ($23.50) which came with chicken tikka, lamb cutlet, and chilly fish fry with mint chutney. The entree was fantastic! Succulent tender flavoursome chicken tikka with that familiar smokey flavour that the tandoor kiln oven imparts. The lamb chop was slightly overdone but the flavours were delicious once again. The spicy fish was battered and deep fried giving a lovely crunch to the soft tender flesh of the fish. And finally the mint chutney was a lovely consistency, not runny nor too thick, with a nice mint flavour. I enjoyed the entree so much I decided to place a takeaway order!

City Heart - Mains

From Top Left: Saffron Rice, Saag Paneer, Goan Fish Curry, Goat Curry

For mains we ordered several dishes to share:

  • Goat curry ($25) – succulent tender pieces of goat cooked on the bone. Very tasty, full of flavour and has a bit of a chilli kick.
  • Goan fish curry ($25) – extremely tender pieces of fish immersed in plenty of flavoursome curry.
  • Saag Paneer ($17) – soft but firm rectangular pieces of paneer (an Indian cheese) surrounded by a thickish curry consisting of spinach and fenugreek leaves. Really tasty.
  • Saffron Rice ($4.50) – nicely flavoured rice, loose grains, really tasty in itself
  • Garlic Naan ($4.50) – lovely soft naan with good garlic flavour
  • Tandoori Roti ($3.50) – I expected it be very soft and flaky but this was a thicker version which was still nice
City Heart - Garlic Naan

City Heart – Garlic Naan

City Heart - Tandoori Roti

City Heart – Tandoori Roti


The food was really delicious but we still had some room for dessert:

  • Saffron Poached Pear with Ice cream ($8) – the pear was perfectly poached, soft, juicy, tender, absorbing the syrup, not too sweet, nice subtle saffron flavour. A bit of vanilla ice cream on the side and it makes for a lovely finish to the meal.
  • Kulfi ($6) – available in mango or pistachio, my friend ordered the latter which I had a bit of which was tasty
  • Rasmalai ($8) – cottage cheese sponges served in a milk reduction – not bad.
City Heart - Saffron Poached Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream

City Heart – Saffron Poached Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream

City Heart - Pistachio Kulfi

City Heart – Pistachio Kulfi

City Heart - Rasmalai

City Heart – Rasmalai


I must admit I’m not a huge fan of Indian desserts but I like the savoury dishes instead.

Well I did say I got takeaway (for my parents who missed out):

  • Stuffed Hara Kebab ($10) – a serve of 4, fried spinach and minced vegetable patties stuffed with cheese and spices. It also came with a serve of mint chutney. These were pretty tasty but a bit over-salted. With the mint chutney, it helped to take the salty edge off.
  • Butter chicken ($17) – my favourite and this was a version very different to what I’ve eaten before. On the first bite I could get the strong tandoor infused kiln oven flavour in the chicken. I was really surprised eating this the next day that the strong flavour was still present. Obviously a true sign of an authentic version, the sauce was not too rich, creamy, or tomatoey. While I don’t mind the rich, creamy, tomatoey version, this was extremely tasty and probably the best butter chicken I’ve eaten.
  • Lamb vindaloo ($18.50) – I had to get something for Dad that had some kick and this version certainly had your tongue humming! Really tasty, lovely curry, plenty of tender lamb.
  • Prawn malabar ($21) – Mum loves prawns so this dish was especially to her liking. Lots of tender prawns immersed in a lovely creamy sauce with tamarind, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and coconut cream.
  • Chicken biriyani ($15) – always on the search for an authentic biriyani but despite the dinner and takeaway delivering exceptionally good flavours, this was off the mark. Still an enjoyable dish but definitely not a biriyani. The rice was flavoured but more like a pilaf and while it contained flavoursome tender chicken, it wasn’t anything like a biriyani.

City Heart Indian Restaurant Food Review Summary

Verdict: Well I certainly got to sample a range of food from the dinner and takeaway food I enjoyed over the following days for dinner. It was good to see consistency in the deliciousness of the dishes, containing succulent tender proteins, immersed in flavoursome curries that could be a little less thick on some dishes, but were really enjoyable. Apart from the biriyani which missed the mark, the food was authentic and my parents certainly enjoyed the takeaway. Indian City Heart Restaurant is a hidden gem away from the mainstream activity in the Perth CBD and up there amongst the best Indian restaurants I’ve eaten at. I wouldn’t hesitate visiting there again.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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