Blackbird – 10 Oct 2013

Blackbird Interior

Blackbird Interior

Cuisine: Modern European
Location: East Perth

When I was looking for some French restaurants on Urbanspoon, Blackbird popped up on the radar. Another restaurant added to my growing list of restaurants to try out. Fortunately, I received a Dimmi offer for 50% off the food bill at Blackbird so that’s an offer I couldn’t refuse and made a booking for dinner. I caught up with a few friends and headed there after work. Fortunately the yellow cat stops close by but after walking around for quite some time, I finally located the restaurant. Eastbrook Terrace is a small brick paved road that is barely noticeable and accessed only by those residents that live in the apartments that line this road behind Royal Street. I’d walked down this road by curiosity and then noticed a directory and finally walked to the very front of the complex to see the Claisebrook Lake which is where a few restaurants sit.

Anyway, I walked in and got taken to our table. The restaurant was has outdoor seating overlooking the now stagnant lake (need to get the pump going to circulate the water) but I imagine would be lovely during the late summer evenings. Inside, the restaurant is a little dim and dark, black all around in keeping with the blackbird theme, but it creates a lovely atmosphere. The wait staff that we dealt with throughout the night were warm and friendly which made the night all the more enjoyable.

I think when I last had a look at the menu, it looked very likeable to my tastes and had me salivating. However, as is the case, restaurants keep changing their menus and tonights offerings seemed a little less appealing but I was pleasantly surprised with the meals to follow. We started off with some entrees which included:

  • Blackbird Plat Du Jour $15
  • Caramelised Pear, Blue Cheese Beignet, Leaf, Nut Salad $18
  • Seared Scallops, Potato Puree, Apple & Bacon $19

The waitstaff immediately took our entree orders and placed them with the kitchen. Later, she came back to get our order for mains but within no time, the entrees were served and ready to be devoured.

Blackbird - Plat du Jour

Blackbird – Plat du Jour

The Blackbird Plat Du Jour came with 4 items:

  • Bratwurst Sausage served upon Saukraut
  • Polenta
  • Arancini
  • Bruscetta

I did have a little taste of the Bratwurst sausage and sauerkraut which was tasty.

Blackbird - Caramelised Pear

Blackbird – Caramelised Pear, Blue Cheese Beignet, Leaf, Nut Salad

I ordered the caramelised pear salad. It came with nice soft golden balls but they collapse and seem to have little blue cheese in a couple whereas the others are well filled. A little inconsistent but the flavour is not too intense, they didn’t overdo the cheese, which makes them delicious. The salad is really interesting with a nice flavour, crunch from the nuts, but quite salty in a lot of places. The pear was very well caramelised, had a slight bitter sweetness from the caramelisation, but still that juicy pear flavour. I was really hungry and the salad was very filling. I thought the portion size was more than decent, generous, for the price and was something different.

Blackbird - Seared Scallops

Blackbird – Seared Scallops, Potato Puree, Apple & Bacon

I also managed to have a taste of one of the scallops which were juicy, succulent, and perfectly cooked. The scallop with some butter sauce and creamy potato puree were delicious. The dish came with four scallops but they were quite large and had some height to them.

Well I must say the entrees were delicious and filling and had great flavours. It wasn’t too long before our mains were brought to us. The kitchen is very quick and efficient with the meals served at a nice pace but not too quick or too slow.

For mains, we ordered:

  • The fish of the day ($36), which was a Red Perch served with Blanched Green Beans, Hollandaise Sauce
  • Confit Chicken, Orange, Herb Stuffing, Israeli Cous Cous, Almond Agresto ($34)
Blackbird - Fish Of The Day

Blackbird – Fish Of The Day: Red Perch served with Blanched Green Beans, Hollandaise Sauce

I had a small taste of the fish which was very well cooked, tender, and fleshy. The fish was not light and flaky but quite meaty. The blanched beans needed a little more cooking for my liking as they were a little crunchy but I have been to restaurants where they do cook the beans this way. Along with the hollandaise sauce, it went well with the fish.

Blackbird - Confit Chicken

Blackbird – Confit Chicken, Orange, Herb Stuffing, Israeli Cous Cous, Almond Agresto

The chicken was very tender cutting through like butter. The stuffing on its own is quite dry but added to the chicken and the slight citrus flavour of the orange and it makes for an excellent combination. The Israeli cous cous was something new which I have not eaten before. The grains are much much larger than the usual cous cous and are like soft mini balls. The fat from the confit was possibly used in adding a nice buttery flavour to the cous cous along with herbs and a slightly sweet flavour from the citrus. I enjoyed the meal very much and the cous cous added a lot of body to the meal which left me feeling very full.

Well there’s always room for dessert so we chose:

  • Chocolate Mousse, Salted Caramel Sable Shards, Mint Ice Cream $15
  • Dessert of the day which was Tiramisu $15
  • Pecorino de Toscana (Italy) $10 – ewe’s milk, hard, slightly, herbaceous
Blackbird - Tiramisu

Blackbird – Dessert of the Day: Tiramisu

I did have a taste of the other desserts. The tiramisu was very light, with a lovely coffee flavour, and with some whipped cream and acidity of strawberry, was delicious.

Blackbird - Chocolate Mousse

Blackbird – Chocolate Mousse, Salted Caramel Sable Shards, Mint Ice Cream

I also had the salted caramel sable shard which was like a soft wafer biscuit and was nice. The chocolate mousse was very smooth, quite light, and had a lovely chocolatey flavour. The strawberries are definitely required to offset the chocolate intensity that builds up over time. The home made ice cream was lovely too.

Blackbird - Pecorino de Toscana

Blackbird – Pecorino de Toscana

Blackbird - Pecorino de Toscana

Blackbird – Pecorino de Toscana

I was a little torn between going for a dessert or the cheese selection. I chose the cheese and they brought out a little wooden cheeseboard, with a generous chunk of pecorina cheese, a pile of mini crunchy toasts, a few strawberries and a mulberry, and a little jar of jam. The presentation was fantastic but I thought how can one eat through so much cheese! I love cheese but even for me, this was a bit much. Continuing on from the theme of the night of Blackbird presenting portion sizes that are on the generous side, filling, and carrying body. With my cheese knife in hand I slowly cut away at this mound and enjoyed it with the crunchy mini toasts. The jam also went well but got a little sweet at times and detracted from the flavour. After quite some time of tackling my cheese, it came a point where I had to throw in the towel. Just a bit of cheese left on the board with the green leaves. I reckon they could serve this as an appetiser among a group of people with drinks. Really full. So was the restaurant which was full both inside and out while a musician who had set up played soft music in the background.

Blackbird Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really enjoyed my dining experience at Blackbird. The service was warm and friendly, constantly topping up our glasses of water, and the kitchen was quick and efficient in delivering our meals at the perfect pace. The portion sizes are on the generous side and well worth the money given the quality of the dishes. Despite having a 50% discount off the food bill, I thought the dishes were easily value for money at normal prices. The European dishes were something different to what I’ve eaten and I really enjoyed the flavour combinations starting the the caramelised pear salad with those lovely blue cheese filled beignets and the mains of confit chicken with stuffing was super tender. The Israeli cous cous was something very different and was really enjoyable. I was fortunate to get a taste of the other dishes and the quality and flavours were consistent and well executed.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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