Casa Del Amici – 29 Oct 2013

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Canning Vale (Corner of Amherst and Warton Road)

I was commenting to one of my work colleagues how much I had enjoyed my recent meal at Cafe Nocello, which he had recommended in the first place, and he suggested I try another Italian restaurant, Casa Del Amici. He told me the restaurant isn’t very large and it’s obviously popular as I tried to get a booking for a Saturday night and it was booked out for the times we wanted to go. Fortunately, I was able to grab a booking for Tuesday dinner.

The restaurant is located on the corner of Amherst and Warton Roads, next to a line of other restaurants and surrounded by plenty of retail shops with the main shopping centre nearby. Walking in, we were immediately greeted by the staff and taken to a table. The restaurant has quite a number of tables packed in but not too close such that there is no privacy. We were served by various staff during the course of the night and all were warm and friendly. When we entered, there were a few tables occupied but it didn’t take too much longer for the restaurant to fill up. Obviously very popular and a favourite among the locals, young and old.

After a close examination of the menu, we decided to get an entree and then share mains with an eye on desserts to finish.

Casa Del Amici - crumbed & fried baby boccincini served with house made chilli jam

Casa Del Amici – crumbed & fried baby boccincini served with house made chilli jam

We started off with the crumbed and fried baby boccincini served with house made chilli jam $12.50. They were lightly crumbed with the gooey boccincini nicely melted. It combined superbly with the sweet chilli jam that didn’t have any bite. The sweetness of the jam goes nicely with the cheese even though it’s not rich. I rather enjoyed this item from the “picking plates” part of the menu. A nice way to start.

For mains, we decided to share so we got:

  • Supremo Pizza $23.50 – tomato sauce base, sausage, ham, olives, pineapple, capsicum, mushrooms, and mozzarella
  • Fish Limoncello $38.50  – grilled fish of the day topped with butterflied Exmouth tiger prawn finished with Limoncello butter sauce
  • Tortellini $24.50 – meat filled pasta rings in a mushroom and pancetta cream sauce
Casa Del Amici - Fish Lemoncello

Casa Del Amici – Fish Lemoncello

The fish of the day was pink snapper and the meal also came with baby chat potatoes and salad. The fish was perfectly cooked, soft, tender, moist and juicy. I would have liked more of the butter sauce which was very tasty and was delicious with the fish. The chat potatoes were nicely cooked and tasty. The salad was nice too but was quite dry as there was no dressing which was disappointing as it easily would have tasted better.

Casa Del Amici - Tortellini

Casa Del Amici – Tortellini

With both the fish and tortellini, we were offered freshly cracked pepper so why not, add some more flavour to the meal. We were also offered grated Parmesan and they sprinkled a generous amount over the tortellini. The tortellini was delicious, nice soft pasta with a smooth meat filling and lovely creamy sauce. I love the fat that oozes from the pancetta. It goes into the sauce and creates delicious flavour. That bacon oil just livens up the dish.

Casa Del Amici - Supremo Pizza

Casa Del Amici – Supremo Pizza

The pizza was the last dish I ate so by now it had gone a little soggy in the middle with the steam. The base was nice and thin, light and contained a decent amount of fillings. I’ve made the mistake of ordering meat pizzas which then become too salty and intense. With the supremo, there’s a nice balance of toppings between pepperoni and ham and then the vegetable toppings. However, I didn’t care too much for the pizza. Despite eating it last, you could tell that it wouldn’t have tasted any the better if you ate it straight off. The pizza was quite average. I was expecting the “usual” taste. Shame.

Casa Del Amici - Tiramisu

Casa Del Amici – Tiramisu

We definitely left some room for dessert and pondered over the dessert choices. It helps though, that the restaurant offers to pack up your left overs so we did take that option so we could try the desserts.
One of my friends decided to order the tiramisu. I had a taste of tiramisu which had a lovely coffee flavour and was quite light.
However, I think Cafe Nocello’s versions was unbeatable.

Casa Del Amici - Profiteroles

Casa Del Amici – Profiteroles

I had profiteroles which were very firm and crunchy on the outside.
Inside was a lovely soft custard, plenty of thick rich chocolate sauce and some freshly whipped cream to enjoy.
Not the best profiteroles in terms of the pastry but a pretty yummy dessert.


Casa Del Amici Food Review Summary

Verdict: One is always going to compare restaurants and if I compared Cafe Nocello to Casa Del Amici, Cafe Nocello wins hands down across all dishes which I’ve eaten at both restaurants. Having said that, Casa Del Amici isn’t horrible by any stretch but I believe if you want Italian food in a relaxed environment, then Cafe Nocello is a more worthy choice. Casa Del Amici presents a warm friendly atmosphere and I liked the fried bocconcini balls and the chilli jam to start off with. The pink snapper fish limoncello was cooked perfectly, soft, tender and moist but I would have loved some more of that delicious butter sauce, and please, please add dressing to a salad because it is very dry and tasteless and gives salad a bad wrap. The tortellini was delicious but a little dry at times but the odd portions of pancetta infused fat added some lovely flavours to the dish. The pizza was a little disappointing to my mind. The base and flavour of the pizza was lacking compared to what a pizza can deliver. The small taste of tiramisu was excellent but the profiteroles were too firm and crunchy instead of being soft and moist. The light custard and gooey warm chocolate sauce only just saved the dish. It’s a lovely venue, obviously very popular, just a few small tweaks and the quality of the food can rise to a level worthy of honouring Italian cuisine in all it’s greatness. They’re not too far off the mark.
Price: Great
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

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