NYC Pizza – 25 Oct 2013

Cuisine: American, Pizza
Location: Perth CBD, QV1 Retail Plaza (cnr Hay & Milligan)

I had noticed NYC Pizza in the Entertainment Book but hadn’t as yet made a visit to check it out. I caught up with an ex-colleague and took a relaxing stroll down St Georges Terrace till we reached the QV1 Building. The retail plaza on the corner of Hay & Milligan Streets is a large open area shaded by the ceiling of the QV1 Building. A water feature sits in the middle with plenty of outdoor seating available to the many lunch time eateries that surround the area. One is NYC Pizza.

Since my recent trip to America I’ve been craving American fare. Pizza’s are one well known American staple along with burgers, fast food, diners, ribs and the list goes on. NYC (New York City) Pizza doesn’t just sell pizza, they sell very large pizza’s that are available by the slice. The pizza’s contain a thin base which is crisp and baked in a stone hearth oven without any oil, just like in New York City. Between 10am and 5pm they also have a lunch time special where you can get a second slice at a discounted price, but this is limited to certain pizza varieties from the range available. Both of us went with the lunch time special. I chose the Bronx BBQ Chicken and Bacon (seasoned chicken chunks, bacon, spring onion and BBQ sauce), and for my second slice, I got the Broadway Vegetarian (baby spinach, tomato, roast pumpkin, semi dried tomatoes, & feta). My lunch mate got the Little Italy (Cacciatore sausage, capsicum, mushroom and black olives) and the second slice was Brooklyn Pepperoni (cheese and pepperoni). You can also sprinkle some chilli flakes for more bite.

NYC Pizza - Broadway Vegetarian

NYC Pizza – Broadway Vegetarian

The slices are very large but once you pick them up, they stay firm. The base is thin but crisp and holds itself firm. The pizza’s in Italy and America are also thin but floppy. I thought I’d try a pizza with pumpkin because that just seems really weird. However, the combination of ingredients made the roast pumpkin work really well and it was certainly not out of place on a pizza. The dash of feta provided a nice salty kick while the semi dried tomatoes provided a unique sweetness that only semi dried tomatoes can do. It took some time to chow down that slice in between conversation, but it was really tasty and I enjoyed in very much.

NYC Pizza - Bronx BBQ Chicken and Bacon

NYC Pizza – Bronx BBQ Chicken and Bacon

By the time I moved on to my second slice, it had started to become a bit cold. However, like the prior slice, the blend of ingredients worked well together and delivered delicious flavours. There were chunks of flavoured chicken which weren’t tough and the BBQ sauce is a lovely touch to the pizza. The saltiness of the bacon helps to provide the seasoning factor to the dish and this was another standout slice of pizza which turned out to be very filling. I spent less than $12 on my credit card so it was excellent value.

NYC Pizza - Brooklyn Pepperoni

NYC Pizza – Brooklyn Pepperoni

My lunch mate enjoyed his pizza’s too.

NYC Pizza Food Review Summary

Verdict: Like the pizzas I ate in America, NYC Pizza is an excellent representation – big, bold, generous in size and flavour. You will notice the names of each pizza variety take their name from New York City – Brooklyn, Broadway, Soho, Union Square, Central Park, Manhattan, Grand Central, Wall Street etc – it’s a who’s who of typical places in New York, many of which I visited. The combination of ingredients are a little adventurous as I have never seen pumpkin on a pizza but they pulled it off with supreme confidence pairing it up with feta and semi dried tomatoes in the Broadway Vegetarian variety. The Bronx BBQ Chicken and Bacon is typically American with the distinctive taste of BBQ sauce pairing well with chunks of flavoured chicken and salty bacon. So delicious, the huge slices, thin crispy base, flavour combinations, and lunch time specials make it all the more appealing to come down and enjoy pizza by the slice for lunch. They also do catering so if you like their pizzas, then grab them whole. They also sell breakfast and what is typically New York? Bagels.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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