The Cutting Board Eathouse – 21 Oct 13

Cuisine: American
Location: Northbridge, Pier St (not far from McIver Train Station)

After my last visit to The Cutting Board Eathouse where I spied more American fare in the form of southern fried chicken, I had to return to try it out. Another lovely sunny day presented itself which made it perfect to enjoy my lunch in the outdoors. I walked in and there was a bit of a crowd but after a short wait I placed my order with some fries and took a table outside. I was really licking my lips yearning for a plate of southern fried chicken.

After a reasonable wait, my meal was brought out presented on a wooden board with a cerated knife in tow. It’s presentation makes you salivate further. I was a little disappointed as I was expecting a couple of pieces of southern fried chicken but hadn’t realised the menu listing was under the burger section. My fault. Anyway, a rather well filled burger sat looking at me and there was a pretty large chicken fillet totally covered in a light thin crunchy batter. I broke a bit off and had a taste and it was pretty good. I was expecting a little bit of bite or some strong creole spiced flavour but it was really toned down. Still, the chicken fillet was well cooked and the glazed bun looked very appetising.

The Cutting Board Eat House - Southern Fried Chicken Burger

The Cutting Board Eat House – Southern Fried Chicken Burger

I bit in and really enjoyed the flavours. There was quite a bit of mayonnaise amongst the crisp lettuce and refreshing tomato but it wasn’t sickening. Mayonnaise and chicken form an excellent combination and with that delicious bun, the whole burger worked really well. The chips are pretty good too but could be more crisper for my liking. They’re long and pretty chunky and while it doesn’t look like there’s all that much on the board, after you eat through a few of the chunky chips, you start to fell pretty full. I know I left feeling pretty stuffed and satisfied.


The Cutting Board Food Review Summary

Verdict: I had built up this image of a couple of juicy pieces of chicken coated in plenty of batter containing a strong spiced creole seasoning with a salad. However, the menu listing is under the burger section so I was really disappointed once the image of my dream chicken got shattered, but it was totally my fault. Instead, I tucked into the burger which had a large tender piece of chicken protruding from one side coated in a light crispy batter. The generous amount of mayonnaise combines perfectly with the chicken and the crisp lettuce and refreshing tomato to make for a delicious chicken burger. The long chunky chips look small in serving but are deceptive in looks, filling you up before you know it. I’ve enjoyed my recent visits to The Cutting Board Eathouse where there’s plenty of different items on the menu to appeal to a broad range of tastes. They’re excellent value, the setting is lovely, and it’s refreshing to enjoy friendly service too. It’s an ideal lunch time spot that isn’t heavy on the wallet.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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