The Cutting Board Eathouse – 8 Oct 13

Cuisine: American
Location: Northbridge, Pier St (not far from McIver Train Station)

I have a more recent food review of The Cutting Board Eathouse here.

I was reading through The Sunday Times and got to the end pages and noticed a write up by Fleur Bainger on The Cutting Board Eathouse. It’s a new cafe not far from McIver Train Station, situated on Pier St in Northbridge (the other side of the tracks). I decided to visit and caught the train 1 stop to McIver and then had a short walk where some new development showed itself from the surrounds. On the ground level is The Cutting Board Eathouse with plenty of outdoor seating as indoor. After my recent travels to the US and New York City, I was keen to try some of the New York City channeled items. According to the write up, there’s the classic cheeseburger for $10, 5 hr slow cooked pulled pork roll for $9.50, and chicken Caesar deli sandwich for $9. I walked in and the interior is stylish and certainly not any daggy cafe. There was already a crowd of people but I managed to get served reasonably quickly. The staff are plenty, taking the orders from the hungry crowd, and the service friendly. The hot food section is to the far right and I was very keen on pulled pork. It sat in a large mound behind the heated display cabinet and the friendly staff member serving me just kept piling it on.  I was offered the choice of gravy which I took and also chips for an extra $3.50. All up, $13, I headed away with my meal. I did notice they also have double pattie cheese burgers and a range of other items at excellent prices.

The Cutting Board - Pulled Pork, Gravy & Chips

The Cutting Board – Pulled Pork, Gravy & Chips

The fries had gone a little soggy but there were enough crisp chips with just the perfect amount of salt to make you happy. The roll didn’t look anything great but once you lift it up and into both hands, its a whopper! A pretty large chunky bread roll is required to hold a huge amount of succulent, tender, juicy pulled pork. With a slew of gravy, I was salivating and dove in. The pork was cooked perfectly. It couldn’t have been any more tender. The gravy adds a nice touch but is only on the outside so once you get a few mouthfuls without the gravy, you can taste the slightly salty brine flavour. Just the perfect amount of salt to give the right seasoning. After eating all that, I was pretty full.

According to the article, they’re set to add beer and wine to the menu in 6 weeks time. They open for breakfast from 6am and close late at week’s end.

The Cutting Board Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was really happy to try the slow cooked pulled pork roll, a reminder of my recent travels to the US. This roll was excellent but the only thing missing was the flavour. I had a few versions of pulled pork on my travels around the US and it either carries a very smoky imparted flavour, or is cooked in mild sweet spices to give that flavour kick. If they add that in to the meat, they’re on to a winner. The meat is perfectly cooked, soft, tender, succulent, juicy. This is the way pulled pork should be. There’s a more than generous amount piled into the large roll and with chips and gravy, makes for an excellent meal at just $13. I’ve got to come back and try some of the other items.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

The Cutting Board Restaurant Details

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