Thousand Spices Indian Restaurant – 26 Oct 2013

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Canning Vale
Featured In Entertainment Book: 25% off up to $20

I was catching up with friends for a Saturday night dinner and decided to give Thousand Spices Indian Restaurant in Canning Vale a try. I managed to get a dinner booking and then headed there later in the day. The restaurant is not all that large but there’s enough tables available. What was noticeable is the restaurant filled up pretty fast and the stream of patrons coming to collect their takeaway orders was a constant procession throughout the night. Obviously pretty popular with the locals. We were taken to our table and after having a look at the menu, decided to order the following:

  • Entree: Spicy Chicken Strips $9 – 10 Striped Chicken breast dipped in spicy batter and deep fried
  • Butter Chicken $18.50 – Marinated chicken breast cooked in a Tandoori oven then cooked in a creamy tomato and butter sauce with cashew
  • Palak Gosht $19 – Lamb cooked with delicate spices and chopped spinach
  • Spicy King Prawn Curry $20 – This curry is made of a special combination of Sri Lankan spices and tempered with special flavours of Sri Lanka – A true hybrid
  • Butter Paneer Masala $16 – Paneer cooked with home made butter sauce, crushed cashew nut and fresh cream
  • Yellow Rice (Medium) $4.50 – Delicately flavoured and saffron coloured, aromatic basmati.
  • Poori $2 – made out of wheat floor, an Indian bread that is deep fried
  • Garlic Naan $4.75 – an Indian bread cooked in a Tandoori oven at flaming hot temperatures the bread sticks to the side of the oven
  • Dessert: Mango Kulfi $3.50 – Mango flavoured homemade Indian ice cream
  • Dessert: Almond Kulfi $3.50 – Home made Indian ice cream with Almonds
  • Takeaway: Lamb Biriyani $14 – A festive dish of tender diced lamb layered with saffron infused basmati rice and, garnished with caramelized onions and nuts with complimentary chutney

The restaurant caters to people’s tastes, or should I say tolerance to heat. Each dish you order, you’re asked if you want that dish in mild, medium, or hot. I wouldn’t have minded something towards the hot end but other members weren’t too keen. Well the idea is to enjoy the food so mild it was for most dishes which is fine by me.

It took a bit of time to be attended to but judging by how busy it was, you felt for the two waitstaff who saw to the restaurant diners and the constant stream of takeaway orders. We were brought a canister of water and also presented with a basket of papperdums before we had our orders taken. Despite how busy it was, the wait out of the kitchen was more than reasonable so well done to the kitchen because they were on par with any other restaurant.

Thousand Spices - Spicy Chicken Strips

Thousand Spices – Spicy Chicken Strips

I made an error in choice and really should have gone with the Tandoori chicken strips instead, but instead chose the spicy chicken strips which aren’t Indian. It seems the menu has a few Asian style dishes on the menu. The chicken strips were pretty small but since there was 10 it was an ample amount to start off as an entree. The chicken was tender, well coated in a lovely batter and fried but not oily. Dipping them in the sweet chilli sauce was lovely.

Thousand Spices - Butter Chicken & Yellow Rice

Thousand Spices – Butter Chicken & Yellow Rice

I had to go for the butter chicken which is a personal favourite. This version was different to the others I’ve tasted. In fact, judging by the flavour profile of the dishes I ate, the food carries a south Indian style, or even Sri Lankan judging by a few of the dishes. Indian food is so diverse in any part of India that the flavours are completely different from region to region. That said, the butter chicken was solid and carried a lovely flavour. The serving is more than ample and there’s sufficient curry to be enjoyed with the flavoursome rice.

Thousand Spices - Palak Gosht

Thousand Spices – Palak Gosht

I really enjoyed this dish as the flavours were really delicious. I thought this dish to be the highlight of the dinner. The lamb is very tender and along with the spinach and spices employed, the flavour combination is superb.

Thousand Spices - Butter Paneer Masala

Thousand Spices – Butter Paneer Masala

I never really thought much of paneer, the Indian cheese, but over time I’ve come to appreciate it. It’s a very soft, tender cheese, in the mould of ricotta, but a bit more firmer and it kind of resembles cubes of feta. The paneer is cut up into cubes and immersed in a creamy curry which carries plenty of flavour. The smooth tender paneer is pretty good and I enjoyed the butter curry which had a different flavour profile to the butter chicken – it’s a lot richer due to the cashews.

Thousand Spices - Spicy King Prawn Curry

Thousand Spices – Spicy King Prawn Curry

As per the menu description, this dish is Sri Lankan and as soon as this curry hits your mouth, you can detect a distinctive flavour profile which is very different to any Indian restaurant I’ve eaten at. The spices seem much stronger and earthier. This curry was a medium in the hotness scale and certainly carried a degree of pungency, but nothing that I can’t handle. The prawns were tender and juicy, perfectly cooked and had absorbed some of the curry which was very tasty.

Thousand Spices - Poori

Thousand Spices – Poori

In terms of Indian breads I eat at home when we do have them, I love poori’s so I was keen to see what these would be like. They had a deep golden colour to them after deep frying but were still a bit oily. They were pretty dense but were quite tasty and filling. It was quite firm and held it’s shape, but not soft and floppy as I was expecting.

Thousand Spices - Garlic Naan

Thousand Spices – Garlic Naan

I did have a taste of the garlic naan which was very soft and held a sufficient garlic flavour even after it had gone a bit cold. Pretty tasty, they’re great to rip bits off and dip into the curry of the various dishes on our table.

Thousand Spices - Mango and Almond Kulfis

Thousand Spices – Mango and Almond Kulfis

I did also have a taste of the mango kulfi which had good flavour but was quite floury. I was too full for dessert so a taste of the kulfi was sufficient for me.

There were some leftovers so we asked for it to be packed away and I took that home along with my takeaway order. I’m still yet to discover a really authentic biriyani so if you have any suggestions, let me know. The next day I ate the leftovers and the lamb biriyani. The lamb biriyani was very different to what I’ve eaten. The rice was well spiced but the flavour was much milder, the presence of coconut dulling down the spice intensity. Despite that, the flavour was still good and the meal was enjoyable but I’m still searching for that authentic biriyani.


Thousand Spices Indian Food Review Summary

Verdict: The flavour profile of Thousand Spices Indian Restaurant is very different to any Indian restaurant I’ve eaten at. I’d say the food takes a south Indian / Sri Lankan origin so it was interesting to experience something different. The portions are generous with lots of protein and curry. The curries are tasty and carry great flavours. I really loved the lamb palek gosht which had a lovely blend of spices mixed in with tender lamb and spinach. This is a solid restaurant serving tasty curries at excellent prices. The locals obviously love it as the restaurant was packed out and there was a constant stream of customers collecting their takeaway orders. The restaurant is also featured in the Entertainment Book with a coupon for 25% off the bill up to $20.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent (even better with the Entertainment Book)
Recommendation: Recommend

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