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Varnish On King - Pressed Pig Cheek

Varnish on King – 27 Nov 2013

Yes, I’m at an American whiskey bar but I’m here for the food, not the drink. There’s an interesting array of dishes so different to the typical menus in Perth so it’s refreshing to see something of an American flare. I went with the lobster dog which was rich but delicious and the pressed pig cheek was something special. The crumbed cubes encased tender strands of pork that lacked seasoning, but the flavoured salts and samphire step in to complement the meal. I also enjoyed the batter coated stuffed mushroom. Varnish on King offers some imaginative food, quality, and flavour, in lovely surrounds evoking memories of the old style bars in some American movie.

Delhi 6 - Special Delhi 6 Platter

Delhi 6 – 23 Nov 2013

With all the dishes we ordered, we got an excellent variety of the Indian food on offer. The platter was generous with the standouts being fish amritisari and vegetable samosas. The generous serve of tandoori chicken was tasty too, but not a true representation of tandoori chicken. As with the entrees, the mains also contained proteins which were perfectly cooked in delicious sauces. I loved the butter chicken but the chicken lacked the tandoor imparted flavour. The lamb vindaloo had a heat that slowly builds up while the crushed peanut infused curry in the prawn jalfrezi also had a bite but was delicious. The breads were really good and so too the desserts. The goat curry was tasty and so too the biriyani, but not an authentic version. The food at Delhi 6 is solid without being spectacular. It’s worth popping by if you are craving Indian.

Cheeky Sparrow - Breakfast Tart

Cheeky Sparrow – 15 Nov 2013

Ok, this place isn’t a fully fledged restaurant or anything like that. It’s specialty is as a wine bar at night. During the day, however, there are a number of light meals to choose from (provided they haven’t gone) like sandwiches, wraps, tarts, and pizzas. They also make fresh juices and serve a range of coffee. This isn’t a foodie paradise but the breakky tart with chorizo and spinach was delicious. I would have preferred some dressing to go with the pile of plain baby spinach, but the flavour of the tart, bar the poached egg, was delicious. This is a really nice chilled place to come for a quick coffee catch up or a casual cheap lunch with friends.