Delhi 6 – 23 Nov 2013

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Canning Vale (Corner of Amherst and Warton Road)

When I stopped by for dinner at Casa Del Amici, I had noticed an Indian restaurant close by called Delhi 6. They had takeaway brochures so I nabbed one on my way to the car to peruse later. I thought I’d give it a try and caught up with friends to check it out. Upon entering, I gave my name for the booking made and were taken to a table. The restaurant already had a number of patrons full of patrons. The area is open and spacious and simply decorated. The guy who attended to us was very friendly and helpful. We were brought a bottle of chilled water and a basket of paperdums to start. After looking through the menu, we gave our orders and waited patiently for the food to arrive.


Entree: Special Delhi 6 Platter for 2 ($18)

Delhi 6 - Special Delhi 6 Platter

Delhi 6 – Special Delhi 6 Platter

Delhi 6 - Mint and Tamarind Chutneys

Delhi 6 – Mint and Tamarind Chutneys

The platter for 2 and comes with a chef selection of prawn pakora, Seekh kebab, murg malai tikka, fish amritisari, and vegetable samosa. A very generous platter with plenty to sample. I really loved the fish amritisari which contained this delicious batter encasing soft flaking pieces of perfectly cooked fish. Another standout was the vegetable samosa. The pastry was divine and the filling was excellent too. The murg malait tikka presented very tender succulent pieces of chicken but the flavour was very much on the mild side. The Seekh kebab had a great flavour and combined superbly with the tamarind chutney. The prawn pakora was delicious too, as too, the mint chutney to enjoy along side the variety offered by this platter.

Entree – Half Tandoori Chicken ($9)

Delhi 6  - Half Tandoori Chicken

Delhi 6 – Half Tandoori Chicken

After the mistake we made at Thousand Spices Indian Restaurant where we ordered the crispy chicken strips, we stuck with the more traditional and chose a half serve of tandoori chicken. They really provided a very generous serving with 2 chunky pieces of chicken. It didn’t have the dark orange colour that I was expecting, but the chicken was succulent and moist all the way through. Very tasty but lacking the typical tandoor flavour associated with tandoori chicken.


Mains – Lamb Vindaloo ($18.50) and Butter Chicken ($19)

Delhi 6 - Lamb Vindaloo and Butter Chicken

Delhi 6 – Lamb Vindaloo and Butter Chicken

I’ve made no secret of my love for butter chicken and this version was tasty. The curry was delicious but it seems the chicken was just cooked along with the sauce. A true butter chicken has the chicken roasted in the hot tandoori oven, removed from the skewers, and then immersed in the curry. The chicken didn’t have any of the tandoor flavour but there was plenty of chicken which was tender and moist.

The lamb vindaloo didn’t have much heat at first when you ate the tender lamb pieces, but the heat slowly built and then became quite hot, but nothing I can’t handle. Lovely flavours.


Mains – Prawn Jalfrezi ($21)

Delhi 6 - Prawn Jalfrezi

Delhi 6 – Prawn Jalfrezi

This crushed peanut infused curry had a bit of kick to it, surrounding the tender prawns in a delicious sauce. There were plenty of prawns which were delicious.


Delhi 6 - Saffron Rice, Tandoori Paratha and Garlic Naan

Delhi 6 – Saffron Rice, Tandoori Paratha and Garlic Naan

  • Saffron Rice ($5)
  • Plain Naan ($3.50) – Punjabi leavened bread
  • Garlic Naan ($4) – Punjabi leavened bread with garlic
  • Tandoori Paratha ($4) – Flaky wholemeal bread

We ordered some rice and Indian breads to enjoy with the curries. The saffron rice had lovely soft loose grains to sop up the curries on offer. I had a taste of the garlic naan which had plenty of roasted crunchy garlic embedded in the soft naan. I chose the tandoori paratha which was delicious. The slightly heavy paratha, due to the presence of the wholemeal, went well with sopping up the curry and reminded me of the Indian breads I’ve eaten at home during my childhood.


Dessert – Pista Kulfi ($4.50) and Rasmalai ($6)

Delhi 6 - Pista Kulfi

Delhi 6 – Pista Kulfi

Delhi 6 - Rusmali

Delhi 6 – Rusmali

I was pretty full but I was persuaded in to sharing some dessert. I had a small bite of kulfi, this Indian ice cream, which had delicious flavour. A really good representation of kulfi. The other dessert which I shared was the Rasmalai. They are these kind of soft doughnuts immersed in a sweet milk sauce. It was pretty good. Having something sweet to finish off the meal just seems like the right way to end a night of dining.

I also got a couple of takeaway dishes so my parents wouldn’t feel jealous.

  • Goat Curry ($20) – there was plenty of goat which was quite tender. The curry had a delicious flavours.
  • Lamb Biriyani ($10) – not a great representation of a biriyani. More like spiced rice, it was tasty but not authentic.


Delhi 6 Food Review Summary

Verdict: With all the dishes we ordered, we got an excellent variety of the Indian food on offer. The platter was generous with the standouts being fish amritisari and vegetable samosas. The generous serve of tandoori chicken was tasty too, but not a true representation of tandoori chicken. As with the entrees, the mains also contained proteins which were perfectly cooked in delicious sauces. I loved the butter chicken but the chicken lacked the tandoor imparted flavour. The lamb vindaloo had a heat that slowly builds up while the crushed peanut infused curry in the prawn jalfrezi also had a bite but was delicious. The breads were really good and so too the desserts. The goat curry was tasty and so too the biriyani, but not an authentic version. The food at Delhi 6 is solid without being spectacular. It’s worth popping by if you are craving Indian.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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