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1907 Restaurant - Beef Tenderloin

1907 Restaurant – 31 Jan 2014

I’m glad to have finally dined at 1907 Restaurant which is just a short stroll from our work. The old English styled interior presents a lovely soft setting to have a quiet meal and enjoy food and impeccable service. I really loved the entree and dessert in particular, but thought more could have been done with the mains. While they kept it simple and executed to perfection, I would have liked to see them push the envelope a bit more with the other elements. That said, the beef was cooked perfectly and the meal was solid without being spectacular, more on the safe side. The creamy and slightly rich and cheesy spinach soup was quite something on the other hand and paired superbly with the sweet juicy flesh of the yabbie. The dessert was delicious with the lovely strawberry flavours shining through in the different strawberry creations on the plate. The mousse cake in particular was superb with a delicious flavour, soft, light and airy texture. Faultless.

Chefz Table - Pork Fillet, Tiger Prawn

Chefz Table – 25 Jan 2014

I was more than happy to visit Chefz Table given the wonderful dining experience enjoyed last time round. Tonight’s dinner was no different. With the likes and dislikes specified ahead of time for our Chefz Table dining experience, the chefs whipped up a selection of 4 courses that delighted us. The amuse bouche of oyster with a coconut tapioca and pineapple topping were an excellent combination in describing the dish as “Pina colada oysters”. The daring rocket soup was a masterstroke in pairing with the tempura covered soft shell crab which is so yum. The fleshy Tiger king prawn was delicious with the creamy remoulade and the perfectly cooked pork combined effectively with the paprika paste smear. The earthy root vegetable and very wintery inspired dish was hardly out of place in summer with the delicious gratin partnering effectively with a range of root vegetables to compliment the tender duck breast slices. Dessert served up an absolutely fantastic vanilla panna cotta with a hyped up flavour intense imperial mandarin sorbet. To conclude, the petit fours were a delicious end to the meal, all enjoyed in comfortable surrounds with excellent friendly service. A solid and consistent effort all round, with the dishes meeting our preferences perfectly. The creative flair of the chefs is certainly evident and they delivered.

The Generous Squire - Chicken Sandwich

The Generous Squire – 22 Jan 2014

The Generous Squire offers up hearty generous pub meals and today’s choice was the chicken sandwich. While sounding unappealing, this was no ordinary sandwich with thick toasted bread encasing delicious rich brie, partnering beautifully with a chunky but tender chicken breast, followed by 3 layers of bacon, and balanced with baby spinach and tomato. An excellent array of ingredients that just work together to deliver a delicious sandwich which is quite outstanding. I really loved it and was very full with eating the chips, though I prefer the shoestring variety I’ve eaten here before. Top job (but please replace the paella on the menu as they are still serving up a spicy seafood risotto in it’s place).

The Old Crow - Jerk Belly & Peach Coleslaw

The Old Crow – 17 Jan 2014

The menu of The Old Crow is kind of like a tapas menu with vegetarian options and separate meals, but still holds it’s own unique identity. It offers something very different to the typical Perth eatery and the jerked pork belly was one such example. A well thought out and executed dish, the melt in your mouth pork belly combines with elements of sweet and sour as well as playing with textures in the smooth yoghurt and peach coleslaw, crispness of red cabbage and chives, and crunch of fried shallots. Plenty of colour to keep your eyes interested, the meal is tasty and yet deceptively filling. The chocolate pie and peanut butter ice cream was a pretty solid dessert but didn’t wow to the same extent as the mains. Still, a well balanced dessert which was enjoyable. The relaxed and breezy setting in the semi outdoor area is certainly inviting for an easy Friday lunch or hop indoors to the old converted house for a more intimate setting.