1907 Restaurant – 31 Jan 2014

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD, through the brown gates on Queen St off Murray St

I had previously visited 1907 for an afternoon of cocktail making which was a really interesting experience in itself. Despite not being a drinker, I was surprised to learn that a good bartender is to alcohol what a chef is to food. The cocktail bar is downstairs but upstairs lies the fine dining restaurant, which I had the pleasure of visiting courtesy of one of our clients.

1907 Restaurant Interior

1907 Restaurant Interior

Stepping in to the restaurant which just reopened their doors after the Christmas holiday period, we were immediately greeted by Howard, who took great care of us during the course of our long lunch. The interior has a kind of old world feel and charm to it, as if you were transported back in history somewhere in London. Against the back wall are booths that seat up to four while the rest of the restaurant is lined with neatly laid tables.

We were brought water and drinks orders were taken while we got to talking business. After quite some time we actually opened up the menu. Howard was not pushy in rushing us to provide him with our meal choices but like a good waiter / maitr’d, was inconspicuous but appeared at the right time. 1907 offers a fine dining menu with choices from the al a carte menu. However, where mains are $45, it makes more sense to go with the 2 or 3 course selections at $55 and $68 per person respectively. So it was 3 course selections all around. One can substitute an entree with a selection from the prelude section so you may opt for some freshly shucked oysters or seared scallops in favour of the entrees. Although the entrees are hard to go past too, I did consider it but instead chose the following:

  • Entree – Creamy English spinach soup with yabbies
  • Mains – Grilled Cape Grim beef tenderloin, green onion puree, mushroom, honey glazed salsify, hazelnut jus
  • Dessert – Strawberry Variations: Strawberry & pink peppercorn ice cream, mousse cake, lyophilized

Before we were served, a selection of house made breads were presented with a platter of condiments comprising of soft butter, olives, salt, and olive oil.

1907 Restaurant - Condiments

1907 Restaurant – Condiments


Shortly after, our entrees were presented and they looked really appetising.

Entree – Creamy English Spinach Soup with Yabbies

1907 Restaurant - Entree - Creamy English Spinach Soup with Yabbies

1907 Restaurant – Entree – Creamy English Spinach Soup with Yabbies

The soup was smooth yet thick, rich, creamy, has a real body to it and contained a lovely flavour. It was not at all spinachy, rather very creamy, a bit rich and cheesy, but that lovely sweet juicy flesh of the yabbie helps to cut through the richness. It’s an interesting pairing but the combination works a treat. A very tasty soup to start proceedings and I also loved the house made bread selection where I enjoyed a warm cheese bread with some butter and olive oil.


Mains – Grilled Cape Grim Beef Tenderloin, Green Onion Puree, Mushroom, Honey Glazed Salsify, Hazelnut Jus

1907 Restaurant - Beef Tenderloin

1907 Restaurant – Beef Tenderloin

I was asked how I would like my beef cooked – medium rare – and it was cooked to instruction, just a little pink in the centre, but soft, tender, moist, and juicy. And most importantly, perfectly seasoned, just allowing the flavour of the beef to shine through. The mushrooms had a real woody earthiness to it, the green onion puree was smooth and added a lovely flavour to enjoy with the beef, the slightly sweet honey goes nicely with the salsify and the finely chopped hazelnuts add that textual difference to the other elements providing a crunch. The jus gets a bit lost in amongst the other elements which is a little disappointing but it all adds to the flavour. Solid.


Dessert – Strawberry Variations: Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream, Mousse Cake, Lyophilized

1907 Restaurant - Strawberry Variations

1907 Restaurant – Strawberry Variations

I really enjoyed the dessert. A lovely smooth ice cream with lovely strawberry flavour yet hidden is the peppercorn which does not leave your mouth zinging. I really loved the mousse cake which was just divine. Perfect mousse, delicious strawberry flavour, light and airy. The strawberry looking “jelly” was an interesting component. I’ve never seen this before. It is freeze dried (lyophilized) so it tastes just like strawberry but has a different texture, soft and smooth but like a firm jelly with no wobble. Not sure how to describe it but it wraps around the edge of the mousse cake like a sheet but doesn’t break apart. There’s also some finely crumbled nougat which adds a lovely flavour to the meal, slightly chewy and the hint of sweetness from the honey is a complimentary flavour. Aside from that, there’s also a lacerated strawberry half and very finely chopped bits of strawberry carefully placed on top and to the side which is yum too.


1907 Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’m glad to have finally dined at 1907 Restaurant which is just a short stroll from our work. The old English styled interior presents a lovely soft setting to have a quiet meal and enjoy food and impeccable service. I really loved the entree and dessert in particular, but thought more could have been done with the mains. While they kept it simple and executed to perfection, I would have liked to see them push the envelope a bit more with the other elements. That said, the beef was cooked perfectly and the meal was solid without being spectacular, more on the safe side. The creamy and slightly rich and cheesy spinach soup was quite something on the other hand and paired superbly with the sweet juicy flesh of the yabbie. The dessert was delicious with the lovely strawberry flavours shining through in the different strawberry creations on the plate. The mousse cake in particular was superb with a delicious flavour, soft, light and airy texture. Faultless.
Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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