The Generous Squire – 22 Jan 2014

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD, Shafto Lane

I’ve visited The Generous Squire on several occasions and today it played host to a leaving lunch for one of our long standing colleagues. Today, it was a booking in the upstairs area which I have not visited before. There’s quite an exclusive feel to the area with large windows overlooking the streets. They’re got benches with square cushion like seats which are rather difficult to get in, especially when there are several people already seated. After having a look at the menu, I decided to order the chicken sandwich ($21) as the steak sandwich I had once before was amazing. The chicken sandwich sounds rather uninteresting but it’s comprised of marinated chicken breast, bacon, brie, with mixed leaves & tomato, and it comes with a serve of chips. You have to place your drinks and meals order at the counter and then they bring your meal out.

The Generous Squire - Chicken Sandwich

The Generous Squire – Chicken Sandwich

I was disappointed they didn’t provide those delicious shoestring fries that came with the steak sandwich as these chips were good but not fantastic. The chicken sandwich was something else. At first I didn’t notice much, enjoying the chunky tender chicken breast encased by the crispy thick toasted bread. But then the flavours started to emerge. The brie started to just melt and provided a lovely rich cheesy taste than partners so well with the chicken. The salty kick of bacon also shows it’s face which is great as I find bacon in a lot of sandwiches and burgers seem to get overtaken by the other ingredients that you don’t even notice the bacon. Not the case here. There were three layers of bacon so they definitely didn’t skimp and it shines through. To balance out the bacon which is strong such that you notice but not too salty at the same time nor intense, it’s balanced with some lovely baby spinach and refreshing slices of tomato. Through each subsequent bite I just savoured the ingredients and flavour combinations and thought The Generous Squire have produced another beauty of a sandwich. Quite outstanding, I loved it!


The Generous Squire Food Review Summary

Verdict: The Generous Squire offers up hearty generous pub meals and today’s choice was the chicken sandwich. While sounding unappealing, this was no ordinary sandwich with thick toasted bread encasing delicious rich brie, partnering beautifully with a chunky but tender chicken breast, followed by 3 layers of bacon, and balanced with baby spinach and tomato. An excellent array of ingredients that just work together to deliver a delicious sandwich which is quite outstanding. I really loved it and was very full with eating the chips, though I prefer the shoestring variety I’ve eaten here before. Top job (but please replace the paella on the menu as they are still serving up a spicy seafood risotto in it’s place).
Price: Reasonable (25% off up to $40 with the Entertainment Card)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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