Chik and Kent – 11 Feb 2014

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Perth CBD, Murray St just past Shafto Lane

Chik and Kent opened it’s doors in late December and are a coffee brewer and Indian fusion restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Chik And Kent - Interior

Chik And Kent – Interior

After the tasteless butter chicken I ate at Chik and Kent on Friday, I decided to give them a second chance and try one of their other curries to get a better gauge of how their food really is. I’m happy to report that the dining experience was far more positive this time around. I was pretty hungry so after a stroll down Murray Street I arrived at the restaurant. I nearly missed it as they seemed to have removed the hanging sign – probably being updated. I sat down in the comfy bench against the wall and had a look at the menu. I was disappointed to see that in just a few days, the menu had changed and my intended choice of goat had disappeared from the menu. Ah well, I had the tough choice of picking between the lamb, beef vindaloo, or the Goan pork. I opted for the latter and after a short wait, lunch was served.

Chik And Kent - Goan Pork Curry

Chik And Kent – Goan Pork Curry

For $20, there’s a generous serve of food on the plate with variety to keep your taste buds interested. I started with the pappadum which seemed a little less fresh than on my first visit. The naan was also very slightly below par, missing that lovely buttering of ghee but was still really tasty. Nice and soft on the top, slightly firm and crunchy on the bottom with a slight smokey tinge adding more flavour. The salad with a lovely balsamic dressing helps to round things off but the star of the dish is the curry. There’s plenty of pork packed into the metallic dish and the juicy tender pieces of pork with a slight hint of acidity provided a lovely flavour. This time around, the curry carried lots of flavour, the unique mix of spices effectively representing the Goan curry that I’ve tasted at several restaurants. Along with the loose grains of rice, the curry was delicious. Once again, a very filling meal, with the reserved naan left to mop up the delicious curry left in the dish so that it is left clean.


Chik and Kent Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’m glad I gave Chik and Kent a second go after the tasteless butter chicken experienced on my prior visit. The Goan pork curry for $20 represents excellent value when you consider it’s served with a salad, papadum, rice, and naan. The Goan curry carried plenty of flavour and authenticity, the unique mix of spice evident with each mouthful. The curry was enjoyed with the lovely loose grains of rice and the soft on top slightly crunchy on the bottom naan. The tangy balsamic dressing of the salad helps to round off what is a delicious meal offering variety and balance. A sample of India on a plate.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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