Chik and Kent – 7 Feb 2014

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Perth CBD, Murray St just past Shafto Lane

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One of my work colleagues goes for a run at lunch time and discovered a new restaurant which their team went visited for lunch. I decided to stop by and check it out. Just past Shafto Lane lies Chik and Kent on Murray Street. Chik and Kent opened it’s doors in late December and are a coffee brewer and Indian fusion restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually, to be correct, Chik and Kent are a small cafe located inside Cinnamon Club City which is the restaurant. Sounds a bit confusing but for all purposes, it’s one and the same. The cafe has a wide open window to attract passers by who can pick up a special brew of coffee. Walking inside the venue, to the right lies a lounge, a view captured from another era, where you can sip your coffee and chew the fat. Straight in front is the bar perched in the middle of the venue serving all kinds of alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Either side of the bar are tables for dining and also long raised benches for gathering a group together to encourage the communal feel and sharing of food.

The staff are friendly and after asking for a table for one, I had the choice of tables on a late Friday afternoon where I was presented with the menu and asked for drink orders. A large cannister of cold water with lemon was provided and my glass topped up while cutlery and a serviette were placed to the side of me as I perused the menu. There’s a nice selection of dishes on the lunch menu which are not always typically Indian. An example is the naan-wich – a sandwich but made with naan (bread) with an Indian filling of some type. I looked at the curries section where there are 4 options to choose from at $20 each. There’s beef, pork, goat, and butter chicken. They come with salad, rice, a papadum, and a naan. I love butter chicken so it was an easy choice. After placing my order, they were pretty fast out of the kitchen and my lunch was served.

Chik And Kent - Butter Chicken

Chik And Kent – Butter Chicken

Looks fantastic! I was pretty hungry after having to delay my lunch due to some urgent work commitments but now it was time to savour my meal. There’s plenty on the plate with the naan split into four quarters, a decent serve of rice, and the dish of butter chicken containing plenty of chicken and curry. I tried the naan first which was delicious. It was nicely buttered with ghee giving a lovely buttery flavour to the soft, oven fired naan. It had a lovely smoked flavour on the bottom which was a little crisp. Next was the butter chicken which was still pipping hot so I had to wait a little while, much to my disappointment. The chicken was really soft and tender. You can see the orange glint on the chicken once the curry disappears, typical of the chicken cooked in a tandoor in it’s array of spices. Unfortunately, it didn’t carry much flavour. Having some more chicken with plenty of curry on it’s own and then with the rice, it was the same. The curry was creamy, rich, but was missing the tomato flavour, the spices, sweetness, the flavour that one expects of butter chicken of which there was none. By any means, a typical butter chicken is far from intense if you’re not keen on Indian. It’s more of a dish that is an easy introduction for westerns to Indian cuisine. While palatable, it was kind of bland. Very disappointing, this must be the worst butter chicken I’ve had. Even the butter chicken sauces at the supermarket carry more flavour.


Chik and Kent Food Review Summary

Verdict: Chik and Kent is a small cafe specialising in coffee located inside Cinnamon Club City which is the restaurantI serving Indian fusion cuisine. Both are new having opened in late December 2013. I chose the butter chicken for $20 which came with a salad, papadum, rice, and naan. Unfortunately, the butter chicken was tasteless, lacking spice, tomato, sweetness and the typical flavour one expects of butter chicken. It was a real shame as there’s plenty of tender chicken and curry provided, but the curry is just creamy and rich, more on a western style sauce. Maybe that’s what they’re going for. The naan was delicious, a soft bread that pulled apart easily and had a lovely flavour from the ghee. There’s more than a generous serve of food and after polishing off the plate and using the naan to sop up any remaining curry, I was comfortably full. I’d like to come back and try one of their other curries to really see what their food is like. But if you’re after a really good butter chicken, I’d say steer clear based on my dining experience.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Average
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


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