The Burger Bistro Pop Up – 22 Feb 2014

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Mt Lawley, Beaufort St (other locations too)

Disclosure: My meal was complimentary

Terry, from the The Burger Bistro, emailed me with an invitation to visit their new store that they’ve opened at the former site of The Angry Moose in Mt Lawley. However, this isn’t just anther extension of their gourmet burger chain, this store is a new concept. Instead, they are presenting an offering with a menu that looks distinctly American with a focus on prime ingredients contained in their delicious brioche buns. The Burger Bistro Pop Up menu is distinctly different from the menu at their other locations. The menu still contains beef, chicken, and vege varieties plus a kids menu and sides, but the burgers use sweet brioche buns instead of the spelt and sugarless sourdough buns served at their other locations.

The site’s character is unique and has been retained from memory, as it is a wide open space which opens up via folding doors. Despite it being a pretty hot day, the air con and ceiling fans keep the place cool and breezy and was certainly comfortable to sit in even though you’re more outside than inside. I had a look at the menu and settled on the USA burger containing beef, melted cheddar, pickles, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion served on a brioche bun. I also got a side of fries and coleslaw included. The shoestring fries are different to the slightly chunkier version I ate at Shafto Lane. They were pretty good and nicely salted. The coleslaw tasted really fresh, not drowned out by a sweet majo or anything like than. Rather, there was just enough dressing to coat, which added just enough flavour and moistness, but allowed the thinly cut cabbage and ingredients to shine through.

Burger Bistro Pop Up - USA Burger

Burger Bistro Pop Up – USA Burger

Despite being provided with knife and fork, I prefer to just seize the day and use your hands. It’s a very well packed burger and after wrapping my jaws around with some difficulty, I managed to get the first bite in. It was really delicious! It tastes distinctly American with the tartness of the pickles, the unique flavour of mustard, ketchup, the strong cheddar flavour of the thickly sliced cheese and the slight sweetness of the bun. The bun isn’t noticeably sweet but if you break a bit off you can tell it’s sweet but it adds to the overall flavour profile. The beef patty is cooked medium rare and mine was perfectly cooked, moist, succulent, just enough give, adequately seasoned, brimming with flavour. The style of burger is different so I didn’t experience the same smokey flavour in the beef patty which was unique and a differentiating factor at the Shafto Lane venue compared to the other gourmet burger joints. The burger may look small but it’s compact. It takes a bit of time to get through and I was pretty full after polishing all that off.

Burger Bistro Pop Up - Tiramisu

Burger Bistro Pop Up – Tiramisu

I was well looked after by the staff and Owen and he chatted to me about future plans for the site and other things in the pipeline. The people in the kitchen are qualified chefs which even includes a pastry chef. On Owen’s recommendation, I tried the tiramisu which is a family recipe of the pastry chef. After one spoonful it was so delicious I just kept on eating and eating it. It’s very light, soft, flavoursome and the sprinkle of high quality chocolate gives a nice character the dessert.

After I got out of the car park, I had to take a few side roads to get back on to Beaufort Street to go back the other way and noticed one of my favourite patisseries was open so decided, what the heck, may as well make a stop and pick up some delicious French delights. Fortunately they hadn’t sold out of the popular chocolate eclairs so that was a must and I also ordered a Paris Breast which I also enjoyed as dessert at one of the restaurants in Paris. After getting home I couldn’t resist the chocolate eclair and slowly savoured each bite of the light airy pastry and super delicious chocolate custard cream. Much later on I treated myself to the Paris Breast which was also extremely delicious. The delicious custard keeps squirting out the sides as I slowly enjoyed the almond flavoured pastry and custard. Fantastic!

Scents of Taste - Chocolate Eclair and Paris Breast

Scents of Taste – Chocolate Eclair and Paris Breast

The Burger Bistro Food Review Summary

Verdict: The site at Beaufort Street for the Burger Bistro’s latest creation is unique, casual, relaxed but still comfortable and cool in the summer heat of the day. I was a guest of the Burger Bistro Pop Up restaurant which has a new concept focusing on prime ingredients with a completely different menu to their other locations, carrying a strong American theme. I ordered the USA Burger and it effectively represented the USA experience with the tart pickles, ketchup, strong flavour of thickly sliced cheese and that unique mustard taste transporting me back to my travels in the US. The slightly sweet brioche bun ties it all together and one can’t go paste the star of the burger, the delicious, moist, juicy beef patty. Along with shoestring fries and the fresh ingredients of the coleslaw shining through in a just coated dressing which isn’t sweet, I was pretty full. However, there’s always room for dessert and the pastry chef’s family recipe of tiramisu was delicious. Soft, light, tasty with the touch of bitterness from the sprinkled high quality chocolate, it was a dessert that once you have one spoonful you can’t stop.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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