Tony Roma’s – 21 Feb 2014

Cuisine: Steak, American
Location: Perth CBD (other locations world wide)

We were celebrating two colleague’s birthdays and Tony Roma’s was chosen for a rare relaxed lunch on a Friday arvo. Since I’ve been to Tony Roma’s many times before, I was wondering what I could order which I’d be interested in. Then I saw it. Pulled pork sandwich. Or burger with pull pork. Tough choice but I was delighted! I miss pulled pork from my travels to the US and I was happy to see pulled pork being served, in an American restaurant chain. I was hoping it would be authentic.

After arriving at the restaurant and having our drinks orders taken, service was a bit slow once our meal orders had been placed. I was pretty hungry and it was quite a while before the baskets of bread were brought out with yummy garlic butter. I had a few slices to keep my hunger at bay and then the meals started being served.

Tony Roma's - Pulled Pork Sandwich

Tony Roma’s – Pulled Pork Sandwich

It’s a generous serving of pulled pork sandwiched by two reasonably thick slices of a lightly toasted Turkish bread, a serve of perfectly cooked chips just the way I like them and a side of coleslaw. I dispensed with knife and fork and just went with the hands and took a big bite. I was surprised as they’ve put a lot of the same marinade they use on the ribs, into the sandwich. While I love their marinade, it masks the true flavour of the pulled pork. Having said that, the pulled pork was moist and tender, it pulled apart easily and with the sweet sticky flavours of the marinade, red onions and pickles, it made for a tasty meal but was a bit different to what I was expecting. The chips are a lovely golden brown, deep fried to the point where they start to go translucent, crunchy and yum, but unfortunately they lacked salt. Adding salt after just isn’t the same as the oil by now has dried and the salt doesn’t stick. Ah well. The coleslaw was quite nice but a bit too sweet so I only ate half. It’s a filling meal and as I’m writing this, I barely have any hunger so I’m still going strong on that meal. Oh, I forgot to mention I also had a slice of the date and walnut cake the birthday colleagues bought from David Jones which was really yum too. Well both of those meals are keeping me full.


Tony Roma’s Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was really excited to see pulled pork on the menu so ordering the pulled pork sandwich was an easy choice. However, the sandwich wasn’t what I expected as the tender pulled pork had been covered with the same marinade reserved for the ribs. Masking the true flavour of the pulled pork, I didn’t get the real thing, however, the pulled pork sandwich was delicious. The pulled pork was plentiful, moist, succulent and with the sticky sweet sauce, so yum. I really loved the golden brown chips which required just a little more salt and the coleslaw, albeit a bit too sweet, was tasty too. A really generous and filling meal.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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