Grill & Chill – 22 Mar 2014

Cuisine: Indian
Location: East Perth

I have a more recent food review of Grill & Chill here.

In my travels I came across an Indian restaurant in East Perth, Grill & Chill, and decided to pay them a visit to see what their food was like. We’d come early for dinner ay 6pm and there were a few tables already occupied, but it didn’t take long for the entire restaurant to fill up, including the tables on the outside. Obviously pretty popular, it seemed several patrons were repeat visitors to this Indian restaurant that has been open only 6 months or so. The place presents nicely and staff are friendly. After having a look at the menu, we settled on the following:

  • Non Vegetable Platter $25
  • Lamb Masala $21 – lamb cooked in a spicy sauce with onion, capsicum and herbs
  • Chicken Kali Mirch (Chef’s Special) $20 – chicken pieces cooked with black pepper, yoghurt, and ground spices
  • Prawn Madras $24 – fish cooked with hot spices and coconut
  • Garlic Naan $4
  • Butter Naan $3
  • Basmati Rice $3.50
  • Mango Kulfi (not listed on the menu) $9
  • Pistachio Kulfi (not listed on the menu) $9


Grill and Chill - Non Vegetarian Platter

Grill and Chill – Non Vegetarian Platter

First up was the non-vegetarian platter which comprised of 2-3 pieces from the other entree menu items:

  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Lamb Seekh Kebab – minced lamb mixed with spices
  • Reshmi Chicken – chicken pieces marinated in a cashew nut paste and spices

There’s quite a bit on the plate so even after sharing, I was reasonably full and I was really hungry to begin with. I started with the tandoori chicken which was excellent. A strong oven imparted flavour from the tandoor is immediately evident and the flavour on the moist chicken, perfect. The lamb Seekh kebab also had that tandoor flavour on the nicely minced meat with lovely flavours, and enjoyed with some mint chutney. The reshmi chicken is very different to the other two. Also cooked in the tandoor, the moist chicken presented mild herbed flavours, much lighter on the palate but still carrying enough taste to make this dish enjoyable. It would be great to see a mixed platter on the menu as they have a vegetarian and non-vegetarian version. I wonder what the other vegetable entrees would be like such as onion bhaja’s and samaosa’s for example. I really like the platter and this dish was a great first up start to the meal.

Grill and Chill - Lamb Masala and Chicken Kali Mirch

Grill and Chill – Lamb Masala and Chicken Kali Mirch

It didn’t take long for the mains to be presented and it wasn’t long before the table was covered with all the dishes of curries and baskets of the Indian breads. I started off with the lamb masala which we ordered as medium (in heat), along with the two other curries. They heat level is also available as hot and I’m sure you can ask them to turn down the heat to a mild version. I wish I had as I’m either losing my tolerance for heat or boy, was that “medium” pungent! The heat factor detracted a little from the tasty flavours on offer, burning my mouth a bit and preventing me from fully appreciating the delicious and carefully crafted curries on offer. The lamb was quite tender but could have done with a little more tenderness, but the flavours of the curry were excellent, albeit, a little heavy on the salt.

Grill and Chill - Garlic Naan

Grill and Chill – Garlic Naan

Grill and Chill - Butter Naan

Grill and Chill – Butter Naan

I ate some of the garlic naan to appease the heat in my mouth and the naan along with the butter naan, were delicious. Nice and soft on the top with a lovely garlic or buttery flavour, and the underneath has a nice crisp layer to it. It held those textures and didn’t become chewy once it cooled and was among the best naans I’ve eaten thus far.

Next, I moved on to the chef’s special, chicken kali mirch. Once again, another dish packing heat but the flavours of the curry were once again so delicious. The curry is thick but moist, creamy, a little like a butter chicken but not so rich. Lots of tender pieces of chicken to enjoy the curry with.

Grill and Chill - Prawn Madras

Grill and Chill – Prawn Madras

Next up, I tried a bit of the prawn Madras which was piping hot so I had to wait a little while before tasting the delicious creamy coconut infused curry. This was quite outstanding and the prawns were tasty too. I really liked the flavours but wished it was less spicy because that curry was superb. I had to dull the heat down by enjoying it with the nice fat long grains of basmati rice.

Grill and Chill - Mango Kulfi

Grill and Chill – Mango Kulfi

Grill and Chill - Pistachio Kulfi

Grill and Chill – Pistachio Kulfi

I was pretty stuffed so dessert was out of the equation. Surprisingly, there was no listing of kulfi, the Indian ice cream, under the desserts section. After asking about it, the waitstaff told us they actually do have mango and pistachio kulfi varieties. I wonder what other dishes are not listed on the menu as some comments on Urbanspoon seem to allude to some “secret” dishes. I was glad to see there was kulfi so decided to have some. The pistachio kulfi had a lovely flavour of the pistachios but seemed a bit floury. The mango was maybe a touch floury but was much nicer and carried a lovely mango flavour. Pretty good desserts but they could improve in this area to match the high standards set in the quality of their entrees and mains.


Grill & Chill Food Review Summary

Verdict: Another visit to an Indian restaurant and the flavours presented in the food we ordered was superb, and on reflection, the best I’ve eaten thus far. I’d say if you can’t tolerate the heat, stick with mild as the medium was quite pungent and interfered with my enjoyment of the deliciously crafted curries presented. The non-vegetarian platter delivered delicious tandoor imparted flavours to the moist tandoori chicken, lamb Seekh kebab, and milder herby resmi chicken. The lamb masala was a touch too salty but the flavours were delicious, as were the chef’s special chicken kali mirch in a thick but moist creamy curry. The highlight for me was the prawn Madras curry which was superb. I also loved the garlic and butter naans which were soft on top and crunchy on the bottom. The kulfi desserts were good but could be improved. Overall, I was impressed with the flavours presented and thoroughly enjoyed my dinner. I’d strongly suggest you make a booking as you’d be lucky to get a free table as a walk in, although, you could go with the take away option too.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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