New Zealand, Auckland – Orleans

Cuisine: American
Location: New Zealand, Auckland – Britomart

Since I have yet to eat any breakfast and lunch was upon me, I decided to head down to Britomart and stop by Orleans. Upon entering I was immediately treated to excellent service and made to feel most welcome before taking a seat at the bar. The bartender provided a little basket with 3 hot sauces, serviettes, and the menu plus a plate with cutlery. I’d already had a sneak peak at the menu as part of planning and chose the pig po boy for $8.50 which was a bun with pulled pork, bbq sauce, slaw & chilli vinegar.

Orleans - Interior

Orleans – Interior

While I patiently waited I looked around at the interior which is really interesting. Dark inside, surrounded by dark wooden bar tops, tables, bar stools for the bar, pictures of a bygone era scattered about with all other interesting devices and ornaments giving some old world charm, the venue had a unique interior and so full of character.

Orleans - Pig Po Boy

Orleans – Pig Po Boy

After a reasonable wait, a basket was presented in front of me. The serve looked initially small but the two half buns were well packed with the slaw and there was a decent filling of delicious pulled pork. I wasn’t sure what the little dish of runny liquid was at first (the chilli vinegar) which seemed a little out of place. I poured a little of it over the bun’s contents to liven up the slaw. The pulled pork was perfectly done – soft, pulling apart pork with that sweet delicious sauce that makes pulled pork so amazing. The sweetness is counteracted with the raw bitterness of the slaw but for a small bite, it becomes reasonably filling. Fortunately, there was room for dessert so I had a look at the menu and decided to try the peanut butter semi freddo “Sandwich” with grape jelly for $10.

Orleans - Peanut Butter Semi Freddo "Sandwich"

Orleans – Peanut Butter Semi Freddo “Sandwich”

Another short wait and a rather interesting looking dessert was presented. It looked like a sandwich but that’s where the dessert gets clever. The slices are a cross between a slice and a biscuit, firm, crunchy, filled with sultanas, not sweet, sandwiching the ice cream. The ice cream started oozing out the sides with each bite, but there was enough peanut butter flavour to trick your mind and the presence of the grape jelly helped to balance out the flavours. They also gave a little dish of milk which was certainly required. A very clever and well executed dish that tasted delicious too.

Orleans Food Review Summary

Verdict: An American bar with an old style feel serving up an array of American styled dishes from a modern era, the restaurant executes on interior, charm, feel, menu, and taste. I ordered the pig po boy and received a delicious version of oh so yum pulled pork. The size is small but compact leaving enough room to enjoy a dessert. I opted for the peanut butter sandwich which was a clever play on the savoury version, instead styled as a dessert. The bread was substituted for a slice / biscuit containing sultanas and not sweet, encasing the peanut butter flavoured ice cream. The grape jelly kept everything in balance and the milk was needed to cleanse the palette despite the gooey sticky peanut butter not being present. While service was fantastic at the beginning (the matra’d is fantastic), service was a bit slow at the end in getting me another glass of water but I liked the vibe, the menu, and the delicious food served up.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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