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Cuisine: New Zealand
Location: New Zealand, Wellington – Cuba St

Dinner for the night was at the Matterhorn located on Cuba St which is a hive of activity despite it being Easter Sunday. The menu at Matterhorn is one for sharing but they also offer a chef’s selection for NZ$49 without dessert and NZ$60 with dessert. It’s a surprise menu so I went with the latter. I was looked after by Mary for most of the night and she provided excellent friendly service which is refreshing to see. Rare in Perth.

First up was a cube of house made garlic bread with almond infused butter. I love garlic bread and while not toasted this variety is delicious. There’s just enough salt to bring out the flavours and enhance the garlic flavour which is present, but not too intense that your breath will be an issue. The almond flavour hangs in the background but lends its richness to the lovely butter.


Gorgonzola Dolce Beignet, Braeburn Apple, Candied Walnut & Cauliflower Puree with Parmesan and Sage on top

Matterhorn - Gorgonzola Beignet

Matterhorn – Gorgonzola Beignet

Wow! A crispy delight of deliciousness. The liquid like rich gooey gorgonzola with slight sweetness of the apple to counteract the richness is fantastic. Surprisingly the cauliflower puree which tends to be rich blends well in adding a creaminess without the richness. The strong Parmesan flavour binds it all together.


Matterhorn Grain Fed Chorizo

Matterhorn - House Made Chorizo

Matterhorn – House Made Chorizo

Four thick slices of house made chorizo was delicious and contains an intense flavour typical of chorizo. Surprisingly paired with a rich gooey cheese, like that which oozes out of a cheese kransky. A tomatoey mixture helped to take the edge off and I would have preferred far more of this and less cheese as it left a very rich cheesy flavour in the mouth. Big bold flavours. No holding back.


Wagyu Fat Potatoes, Buttermilk Mayonnaise, Crisp Sage, & Almond Beurre Noisette

Matterhorn - Wagyu Fat Potatoes

Matterhorn – Wagyu Fat Potatoes

Next was a serve of roast potatoes tossed in Wagyu beef fat with buttermilk mayonnaise. What a thick crisp crunchy jacket surrounding soft fluffy potato. What a side! This tasted amazing. The slight sourness of the mayo provided an interesting creamy flavour, akin to a potato salad only so much better! The toasted flaked almonds provided a different kind of crunch to that of the crunchy jacket and was a nice touch in terms of taste and texture.


Grain Fed Pork Belly, Confit Heirloom Carrots, Fennel, Golden Raisins, Pine Nut & Summer Savoury

Matterhorn - Pork Belly

Matterhorn – Pork Belly

Along with the potatoes was the mains. Two slices of perfectly seasoned and cooked roast pork belly with a fantastically crunchy crackling. I must be in food heaven! The confit carrot tasted similar to a roasted carrot without the sweetness. The sultana and pine nut mixture added a nice touch.


Raspberries, White Miso, Caramelised White Chocolate, Almond & Veuve Clicquot Rose

Matterhorn - Raspberry Sorbet & White Chocolate & Miso Sorbet

Matterhorn – Raspberry Sorbet & White Chocolate & Miso Sorbet

I was stuffed so I was happy to have a lightish dessert in raspberry sorbet and miso & white chocolate sorbet with raspberries and bits of white chocolate. As with the rest of the meal, delicious. Well controlled flavours that were light and cleansed the palette. The bits of white chocolate go nicely with the slightly tart raspberry sorbet.


Matterhorn Food Review Summary

Verdict: I find the Matterhorn has a kind of casualness but yet the venue and restaurant has a certain deception. I’d class the food as fine dining for the masses. There’s skill in the execution of the dishes, but there’s no delicateness shown. No restraint. Instead, big bold flavours with generous serves are the mantra here. There was quite a bit of food dished up for the chef’s selection. They should call it a feast. I loved the garlic bread and then the gorgonzola beignet. The chorizo had big bold flavours which aren’t tempered. The Wagyu fat roasted potatoes have the most crispy skin and soft fluffy potato you could find. With the sourness of the buttermilk mayonnaise, what a side. So filling. The perfectly cooked and seasoned roast pork with the most delicious crunchy crackling was fantastic. To finish, gladly a lightish dessert. The two sorbet varieties were a welcome relief in cleansing the palette and finishing the excellent array of flavours and creativity unleashed in the kitchen.

Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


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