NSW, Sydney – The Lobo Plantation

Cuisine: Caribbean
Location: NSW, Sydney CBD

I was starting to feel pretty hungry in the late afternoon after my earlier visit to Quay. Not far from my hotel is The Lobo Plantation, a below ground Caribbean bar. Descending the winding stairs takes you into a dim lit bar with green walls and an interior producing the effect you’re in a plantation. A fair few people enjoying a drink. However, I was here for the food so I grabbed a table and ordered the following:


Cuban Pastelitos $9 (4 pieces per serve)

Crispy deep fried pastry with sweet rich filling of beef, raisin & guava sauce

Lobo Plantation - Cuban Pastelitos

Lobo Plantation – Cuban Pastelitos

Deep golden brown flaky pastry. I really love pastry and this was light and soft, so delicious. The mince filling was pretty good and the dipping sauce was enjoyable. Nice simple starter. Reminds me of the puffs my grandma used to make.

Pulled Pork Tamales $11

Corn husks filled with polenta, smashes corn and pulled pork, steamed and served with a fresh chopped salsa

Lobo Plantation - Pulled Pork Tamales

Lobo Plantation – Pulled Pork Tamales

It was tricky seeing what exactly I was eating in the dark bar a flickering candle providing some light. I liked the tomato salsa on top which added a nice tartness to the dish. The pulled pork is mixed in with polenta and the corn but it’s not rich. Quite different to anything I’ve eaten. I’m not sure exactly what Caribbean food is supposed to be but the tamales were certainly different. The menu isn’t extensive and really is small bites, or bar food.

Lobo Plantation Food Review Summary

Verdict: Plenty of people started filling in to the bar which is always a good sign. I was only after a simple dinner and the bar food menu fitted the bill. The golden puff pastry was delicious and the mince filling was good too with the lovely dipping sauce. The tamales are really soft, a nice mixture of soft pulled pork, polenta, and corn, but not too rich. The tomato salsa on top provides a nice tartness to the dish. They’ve certainly created an environment fitting with the name of the bar. Nice atmosphere.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Lobo Plantation Restaurant Details

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