Public House Kitchen & Bar – 4 Apr 2014

Cuisine: Latin American
Location: East Perth, cnr Adelaide Tce & Victoria Avenue (opposite The Duxton)

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The Eat Drink Perth food festival kicked off for another year commencing in April 2014. The festival includes several events along with many restaurants and eateries offering discounts, special offers or different menu items. You can visit their website for more info and also don’t forget to pop by the I-City booth in Forrest Chase to pick up your Eat Drink Perth passport – full of dining offers for April.

So the Eat Drink Perth food festival brings me to Public House Kitchen & Bar where they are running a nose to tail theme for April. Each week they are featuring a different dish with cider for $35. If you’re interested then ask about the special dish, as it wasn’t shown on the menu.

For the first week they have Braised pork cheek, crisp fried jowl, mango & chilli salsa with a bottle of custard & co apple and mango cider for $35.

Public House Kitchen & Bar - Braised Pork Cheek, Crisp Fried Jowl, Mango & Chilli Salsa

Public House Kitchen & Bar – Braised Pork Cheek, Crisp Fried Jowl, Mango & Chilli Salsa

I’m pretty interested in trying new things and there are several cuts that are just unloved. However, they can be very tasty, it’s just not popular. I have previously tried dishes on my travels, particularly overseas, and I can attest they are delicious. What I was also happy and impressed with, is I told the waitress I didn’t want the cider since I don’t drink and without asking, she went and checked with the kitchen and told me they will do the meal at a discounted price. Excellent service and I appreciate the discount.

On to the meal and my mouth was salivating. Underneath the pile of greens lay 3 dark brooding coloured pig cheeks. I’m a sucker for anything deep fried so it’s hard to go past the golden brown crumbed bundle on the left. It was nicely crisp and deep fried, encasing a very smooth and rich jowl paste. Jowl is the throat and/or glands. It may not sound appetising but I’ve had jowl twice, one a fantastic rendition in a Paris restaurant. In this version, they had minced it into a fine pate and then crumbed and deep fried it. It was delicious. Rather rich so the salsa was a welcome addition. I really loved the salsa, very refreshing, excellent balance of acidity and sweetness, kind of tropical, tasty, and it had some bite thanks to the chilli! It really livens up the dish and helps to cut through the richness of the jowl.

Next I moved on to the pork cheeks which were tender. The knife cut through it easily but it still held it’s shape. The pork cheeks were very tasty, enjoyed with the greens and the flavoursome juices. It was served upon a puree of some sort. I couldn’t pick the flavours, I suspect some kind of root vegetable. It didn’t have the greatest of flavour but it’s obviously something I’ve not eaten before. The salad atop the pig cheeks were a bit bitter and earthy, in keeping with the deep flavours of the pig cheeks and unknown root vegetable puree. All up, I really enjoyed the dish, superbly put together, and in keeping with the creativity I enjoyed on my last visit.


Public House Kitchen Food Review Summary

Verdict: I decided to visit Public House Kitchen & Bar for lunch to check out their nose to tail dishes on offer for the month of April as part of the Eat Drink Perth 2014 food festival. This week’s dish is the braised pork cheek, crisp fried jowl, mango & chilli salsa with a bottle of custard & co apple and mango cider for $35. I happily ordered that and was pleased that since I didn’t want the cider as I don’t drink, without asking, the waitress checked with the kitchen and offered the same meal at a discounted price of $25. The deep fried golden brown crumbed delight encasing the smooth jowl was delicious, smooth, and rich. It paired perfectly with the tropical and well balanced salsa, providing a refreshing taste, acidity, sweetness, and bite through the chilli, to cut through the richness of the jowl. The braised pork cheeks were tender and delicious. The lovely juices and flavour of the cheeks were served with a puree and an earthy salad. A fantastic meal that I enjoyed thoroughly. I like the food served here where there is creativity, flair, and an intelligence demonstrated on the plate in the careful selection and pairing of elements that work beautifully together.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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