VIC, Melbourne – Cumulus

Cuisine: Breakfast, Cafe, Wine Bar
Location: VIC, Melbourne – CBD

I made my way to Flinders Lane early in the morning for breakfast at Cumulus Inc. It was already extremely busy when I entered the ground floor. I asked for a table for one and was fortunate to score a spot on the long table upstairs. I knew they had an upstairs area for the wine bar but was surprised to see the first floor as packed as the ground floor. Obviously very popular, on this ANZAC Day there must have been plenty of people stopping by after the dawn service, plus the usual breakfast crowd.

Cumulus Inc - Smoked Salmon, Sorrell, Dill & Grapefruit Juice

Cumulus Inc – Smoked Salmon, Sorrell, Dill & Grapefruit Juice

Service is friendly and excellent which is excellent to see. When I was shown the menu I was really disappointed that the item I had especially come for wasn’t there – potato cheddar waffle, smoked brisket, zuni pickles & sour cream. Obviously the menu changes and they probably had a slightly limited menu for ANZAC Day. Since I’m not a fan of eggs, my options were limited so I chose the smoked salmon on toast with sorrel and dill. I also ordered a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice which is really refreshing and the slight tartness takes the edge of the rich smoked salmon flavour. The breakfast is kind of plain, smoked salmon with a lovely horseradish on a thick crunchy toast with some greens on top. A fair amount of smoked salmon.

Waffee Waffle Selection

Waffee Waffle Selection

On my way back to Swanson Street I happened to stumble upon a display window with smallish waffles. The place was called Waffee Waffles. I love waffles and since these were small and around $3.50 each I walked in and examined the choices on display. I chose one with white chocolate. They’re supposedly made fresh but I think they make them fresh on the day and then heat them up because what I was served didn’t taste like it was freshly made. It was an okay waffle but not that great. Kind of dry, slightly chewy, and not what I was expecting. I guess it’s good for a quick snack but I’d give this place a miss. The concept is great, as is the service, just need to work on the product.


Cumulus Food Review Summary

Verdict: Unfortunately a changed menu left me with little choice to the dish I really wanted. That said, there’s lots of choice on the menu, it’s just that since I don’t like eggs, there wasn’t an item on the menu that I really wanted. I chose the smoked salmon on toast and received a decent amount of smoked salmon which isn’t cheap. With a lovely horseradish, some greens and dill on top of a lovely thick piece of toast, it was a good meal. I liked the fresh grapefruit juice but thought the $27 bill was rather steep (I realise there’s probably a surcharge for the ANZAC Day holiday). Obviously a highly popular place.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good
Recommendation: Recommend


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Waffee Waffle Details

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