VIC, Melbourne – Hofbrauhaus

Cuisine: German
Location: VIC, Melbourne – CBD

The great thing about Melbourne is you can pop out for a meal late in the evening. I must have left around 9pm and there’s plenty of people about, especially around the streets lined with restaurants. I initially went to the Russian restaurant, Brutale, but the kitchen had shut as it was quiet. Fortunately I had a backup close by so I grabbed a keg (used as tables) at the German pub, Hofbrauhaus.

When I walked in music was blasting loud and there was a hive of activity inside. I walked up to the bar and paid & placed my order for an entrée and another lightish meal:

SPECK KÄSESPÄTZLE $14.50 – Housemade German Egg Noodles in creamy Bacon and Cheese sauce,topped with crispy Onions

Hofbrauhaus - Speck Kasespatzle

Hofbrauhaus – Speck Kasespatzle

I’ve seen this dish made before on SBS Food Safari. The German egg noodles are like a pasta, but small, light, tender. It’s immersed in a very rich and creamy cheese sauce and there’s lots of speck but it’s not overly salty, quite mild. The crispy onions provide lots of crunch to the soft noodles. It’s a delicious dish, kind of like a carbonara but this is the German version. It’s a rich dish with a generous serving so it’s a good thing I had the other dish to eat alongside (both dishes were served at the same time).

WEISSWURST $19.50 (GFP) – A pair of Weisswurst Sausages served with Bavarian sweet Mustard and a freshly baked Pretzel

Hofbrauhaus - Weisswurst

Hofbrauhaus – Weisswurst

The sausages were served in a bowl of hot steaming broth. They had a lovely mild herbed flavour and were very tender. The pretzel was not salty, really tasty and a very different tasting bread. I enjoyed the bread with some creamy butter and placing a smidge of the sweet mustard on the sausage really enhances the flavour. Between eating these elements in between the rich speck, it made for a delicious late night dinner and I got a taste of Germany along the way.


Hofbrauhaus Food Review Summary

Verdict: This German pub certainly is buzzing with lots of people enjoying themselves on a late night in Melbourne. There’s a great range of German dishes on the menu and I chose the Speck Kasepatzle which is like a carbonara, but a German version. Small flat soft tender pieces of pasta immersed in a rich creamy cheese sauce with herbs and a mild and not salty speck. Delicious but very rich. I ate this along with two German sausages, weisswurst, which were very tender and had a light herbed flavour. This was also enjoyed with a sweet mustard and a lovely freshly baked pretzel which wasn’t salty. A delicious generous meal giving me a taste of Germany.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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