Adelphi Grill – 15 May 2014

Cuisine: Steak
Location: Perth CBD, Parmelia Hilton

Note: In April 2013 the restaurant relocated to The Globe and was refurbished and renamed Adelphi Grill.

In my last job the office was located in Parmelia House so Adelphi’s Steakhouse at the Parmelia Hilton was a regular haunt for drinks, leaving lunches, or whatever the occasion. Adelphi’s has always been a favourite of mine but I haven’t visited since I switched jobs. Since then the old interior with an interesting feel is no more as The Globe was closed and Adelphi shifted to it’s new home in modern surroundings, rebirthed as Adelphi Grill. They still have steaks and the salad bar and the dessert menu is still present with some interesting choices. However, as I’ve found on previous visits the meals are generous and dessert becomes a distant thought. So are things the same but for the new environment?

Service is still an aspect that is upheld which is great to see as I was taken to my table and presented with the menu. The menu looks similar to what I remember which pleased me so I decided on what I’d say is one of their signature dishes – the homemade beef burger with fries.

Homemade Sizzling Wagyu Burger 220gm $25

Ground beef sirloin, sourdough bun, lettuce, tomato, tomato relish, onion, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, Adelphi chips

Adelphi Grill - Wagyu Beef Burger & Chips

Adelphi Grill – Wagyu Beef Burger & Chips

It looks a bit different to what I remember but a lovely juicy burger with chips and aoili was presented (you are offered a choice of sauce – tomato and mayonnaise are the other choices). I always love their chips but it changes. The first time I had this dish they gave the most amazing shoestring fries. The next time round I was disappointed to see they gave wedges, but they were delicious too. This time they have gone with the humble chip, but it ain’t so humble. I reckon they have twice, if not thrice, cooked the chips. Each chip appears to have a slightly thicker outer and there’s plenty of crunch without the chip being hard. Soft and fluffy on the inside, so delicious. They’ve also put some herbs on it to add extra flavour. Fantastic! The aoili was tasty too but a bit rich and creamy for my liking.

Ok, for the burger it tasted different to what I remember but it has been several years. The first bite in resulted in the oozing of meat juices, suggesting the patty should have been rested. Or maybe I should have waited. The patty was tasty, dense, meaty. It was well cooked, not pink in the centre how it has normally been served, but the only thing letting it down was the lack of seasoning. However, the bacon did help solve some of the problem as too the melted cheese. The burger was pretty tasty but it needed more sauce. I enjoyed the meal and it’s very filling.


Adelphi Grill Food Review Summary

Verdict: It’s been a long time since I made a visit to one of my favourites which has now relocated and been refurbished. Adelphi Grill may be in a new environment but the excellent service is still upheld and the menu hasn’t changed too drastically which is great to see. I went with one of the signatures to my mind – the homemade beef burger. This version is Wagyu and it’s a chunky, dense, tasty patty just lacking seasoning. Along with bacon and melted cheese, some saltiness was provided and the burger was delicious but needed more sauce. I really loved the chips which were crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. With the herbs added for additional flavour, they were fantastic. So some things might have changed but the food is still delicious and the dining experience still pleasant.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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