Grill & Chill – 25 May 2014

Cuisine: Indian
Location: East Perth

I have a more recent food review of Grill & Chill here.

After our earlier visit to Grill & Chill in March we decided to visit again and try their other dishes. We had a look at the menu and decided on some dishes, but in the end we were persuaded by the manager, Vikas, to try some of his recommendations (which aren’t on the menu, secret items?) which turned out to be an excellent decision:

  • Minty Fusion
  • Chilli Honey Cauliflower
  • Tandoori Fish
  • Mughlai Chicken
  • Goat Curry
  • Fisk Korma
  • Basmati Rice
  • Garlic Naan
  • Butter Naan
  • Chicken Biriyani


For the entree we started with the following:

  • Minty Fusion – chicken breasts marinated in yoghurt and spices for 2 days and then cooked slowly in a tandoor. The tandoor oven imparts it’s own flavour into the chicken but it was cooked extremely well, tender, succulent, moist. The mint flavour and spice mix was delicious.
Grill & Chill - Minty Fusion Chicken

Grill & Chill – Minty Fusion Chicken

  • Chilli Honey Cauliflower – this is one of Grill & Chill’s signature dishes which is mentioned in comments on Urbanspoon and from certain tables on our first visit. It doesn’t really matter whether you like cauliflower or not because, somehow, you can’t really taste it! The sauce resembles that of sweet and sour sauce in look but not in taste. The sauce is tasty, the flavour of honey but without the sweetness of something like honey chicken. It has a slight sourness and you can taste the spice but it’s not chilli hot. A crunchy batter surrounds the firm but tender cauliflower. It’s a very moorish dish that you just keep coming back to. Word of warning though, the green sliced chilli is dynamite! I ate two in the one mouthful and reached for the water immediately. Teared up for a while before I could feel my tastebuds.
Grill & Chill - Chilli Honey Cauliflower

Grill & Chill – Chilli Honey Cauliflower

  • Tandoori Fish – skewered and cooked in the tandoor, I didn’t think fish could take on such a flavour but it does. Really tender, delicious, and full of flavour but carrying a profile different to the minty fusion. It’s all about the spice mix. A squeeze of lemon and the dish tastes even better.
Grill & Chill - Tandoori Fish

Grill & Chill – Tandoori Fish

The servings are generous and I was starting to feel reasonably full after the entrees. On to the mains.

The naans were delicious like last time. Soft on top, firm and slightly crunchy on the bottom, puffed up a bit, and tasty. Plenty of garlic flavour. The butter naan was tasty too.

From last time’s experience, we tried ordering the ‘mild’ version of any dishes where possible instead of medium. Medium, which Vikas described as 7 out of 10 on a chilli hotness scale, is what we had on our first visit and while the curries were extremely flavoursome, the pungency detracted from the enjoyment. Not at all a criticism of Grill & Chill, just a personal preference to the tolerance of heat. Vikas explained that with certain dishes, it isn’t possible to tone down the heat because that would change the flavour of the curry. Fair enough. You can’t compromise the authentic flavour of the dish by adding other ingredients like yoghurt or coconut to nullify the hotness without changing the original dish into something else.

The goat curry, one of the chef’s specials, contained plenty of tender goat immersed in a lovely, thick curry. It’s obviously marinated for some time because the goat takes on plenty of flavour. The mughlai chicken was also excellent and the best of the three curries ordered. It was cooked in a sauce with nuts, possibly almonds, sultanas, and a delicious spice mix. Crushing the nuts creates a rich creamy flavour in the curry. This lent plenty of flavour to the overall curry which made it so tasty. The fish korma had a similar curry to the mughlai chicken, but was based on cashews, providing a rich creamy flavour to the tender fish, but the spices are completely different so no two curries are alike. There’s plenty of proteins in each curry so the dishes are generous and great value. Sometimes one can visit an Indian restaurant and you’re left fishing for the few pieces of meat in the curry.


Grill & Chill - Goat Curry, Saffron Rice, MughlaiChicken, Fish Korma

Grill & Chill – Goat Curry, Saffron Rice, Mughlai Chicken, Fish Korma

I was comfortably full and didn’t push for dessert. We did order chicken biriyani as a takeaway along with the rest of the dishes that were packed up for us. I had some of the chicken biriyani for dinner the following night. There’s was plenty of chicken, maybe too much in the serving I took from one side of the container. The chicken was cooked in a tandoor and as was evident from the first bite and had a mild flavour. The rice certainly had the flavour of a good biriyani, nice loose grains, with a typical spice mix to that of a biriyani.


Grill & Chill Food Review Summary

Verdict: The second time visit was just as enjoyable as the first. While we had our mind set on certain dishes from the menu, we were persuaded by the manager, Vikas, to instead take some of his recommendations over dishes we had initially selected. This turned out to be an excellent decision and I’d recommend you do the same. Apparently there must be a secret menu as several dishes we ordered weren’t on the restaurant nor online menu. One such dish, a signature of Grill & Chill (how does a restaurant have a signature dish that isn’t even on the menu?) is the chilli honey cauliflower that is an absolute knockout! It doesn’t taste anything like cauliflower and resembles in look, sweet & sour pork, but has completely different flavours surrounding a crunchy batter encasing the firm but tender cauliflower. The minty fusion presented tender chicken marinated for 2 days in a lovely array of spices and the tandoor oven imparts more flavour. The tandoori fish also has a tandoor imparted flavour but a different spice mix providing more flavours. The naans were delicious once again and were enjoyed in sopping up the delicious curries. The goat curry was delicious, as too the cashew based fish korma. But the other dish not on the menu, the mughlai chicken, was the standout dish from the mains. The almond based curry presented a rich creamy flavour with sweetness and a flavour profile different to curries I’ve eaten previously. The chicken biriyani was pretty good too. Plenty of chicken surrounded by flavoursome rice typical of a biriyani. The second time visit provided consistency in service, friendliness, servings, and flavour. Fantastic!
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent (25% off in the Entertainment Book in 2013/14 and in the latest 2014/15 book)
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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