QLD, Brisbane – Pancake Manor

Cuisine: Pancakes, Breakfast
Location: QLD, Brisbane CBD – other locations available

I was supposed to have visited Pancake Manor for breakfast on my first full day in Brisbane but after arriving late in Brisbane the prior day, I gave breakfast a skip and went straight to Aria instead. However, since Pancake Manor on Charlotte St is open 24 hours, that fitted my plans perfectly for an early breakfast before catching a train to the airport to arrive back home in Perth.

Stepping in, the venue is actually what looks like an old church or some very old building from the medieval times. A really high steeped roof with wooden booths inside. The menu is pretty much available whenever you want so you can have pancakes for dinner or have items from the dinner menu for breakfast. The dessert menu certainly will have you salivating. From the pictures on the menu, I thought I should go with the regular stack as the pancakes looked small and it says “regular” which sounds like the serve for the majority. What I actually was served was not what I expected as the pancakes are much larger. I chose the regular stack with cream and ice cream for $9.95.

Pancake Manor - Regular Stack with Cream & Ice Cream

Pancake Manor – Regular Stack with Cream & Ice Cream

I was pretty hungry so I poured a good amount of maple syrup all over the pancakes and dove in. The pancakes are light and fluffy, really tasty and I loved it. The maple syrup isn’t all that sweet, but the cream is pretty rich. The pancakes seem to act like sponges in absorbing the maple syrup and cream. The ice cream is also tasty and makes for a delectable breakfast. Three pancakes is too much so I ate what I could. I could have easily done with two but just had to keep on eating.

Pancake Manor Food Review Summary

Verdict: Pancake Manor doesn’t just serve pancakes. The Charlotte Street venue is open 24 hours so they serve all kinds of meals and they’re available anytime. I ordered the regular stack and received 3 much larger than the picture in the menu pancakes that were soft, fluffy and light. They were really tasty and went extremely well with maple syrup, cream which is rich, and ice cream. Delicious.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


Pancake Manor Restaurant Details

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