Qld, Brisbane – Red & White Peruvian Restaurant – 2 May 2014

Cuisine: Latin American
Location: Qld, Brisbane – South Bank

For my last day in Brisbane I decided to visit Red & White Peruvian Restaurant which is the only Peruvian restaurant in Brisbane. I haven’t eaten all that much South American cuisine and very little Peruvian. Public House Kitchen & Bar would be the closest thing I’ve experienced where the cuisine does have Peruvian influences. There’s quite a few different dishes that caught my eye and fortunately the menu has a platter containing some of the dishes I was interested in trying. I also chose one of the drinks (Emoliente $5) to get the whole Peruvian experience but it was a out of a pre-packaged bottle. Emoliente is a herbal drink prepared with roasted barley grains, extract of medicinal herbs, sugar, and the juice of a Peruvian variety of lime. The drink was tasty and a bit heavy probably because of the barley. Different flavours in a drink I’ve not tasted anything like.

Tasting Peru $22

Red & White Peruvian - Tasting Peru

Red & White Peruvian – Tasting Peru

The tasting platter contains smaller versions of four dishes on the menu:

  • Ceviche de Pescado – Boneless and skinless diced raw fish uniquely cooked in lime juice, coriander and spices served with salad and onions, lettuce and sweet potato
    • Closer to the type of ceviche I’ve eaten and different to tiradito. Lighter flavours with coriander coming through and also has a slight chilli kick which starts to build and leave your lips burning! Kind of sneaks up on you unexpectedly.
  • Pulpo all Olivo – Tender cooked octopus dressed in Peruvian black olive sauce served with a dash of extra virgin oil
    • This was different, quite tender octopus in a black olive sauce that was quite rich and creamy, like that of a mushroom sauce. I liked it.
  • Causa Limena – Mash potato with a hint of Peruvian yellow chilli & spices served with a touch of mayonnaise, boiled egg and olive
    • Very mild flavours, the mash potato encases a mix of tuna. A little bit on the bland side but with the stronger flavours of the other dishes, this dish was a welcome relief.
  • Tiradito – Finely sliced raw fish marinated in lime juice, spices, herbs and Peruvian yellow chilli
    • Really fresh and tasty the chilli provided some real kick. The fish is thinly sliced as opposed to the ceviche which has largish cubes. The texture and flavour is very different.

I was really hungry and this platter didn’t seem to large at first but as you work your way through each of the dishes, it starts to become really filling. I really enjoyed the entree and got some variety and a range of flavours. I must say those Peruvian chillies are something different. Not initially pungent, a background kick starts to burn and build. The emoliente was a cooling relief. For mains, I ordered the paella. I wasn’t sure what dishes were representative of Peru so I asked the waitress and she pointed out a few dishes, including the paella so I was pleased.


Arroz con Mariscos $22

Peruvian steam rice with seafood mix, Peruvian yellow chilli, white wine, coriander and spices served with delicious tiger prawns and scallops

Red & White Peruvian - Paella

Red & White Peruvian – Paella

After eating my way through most of this dish I can’t believe the generosity and the price. There’s no way in Perth you’d pay $22 for this dish, more like $35. Lots of seafood, especially the 4 juicy tender prawns, in an excellent paella. It does have a richness to it and a milder seafood flavour compared to the best paella I ever ate in Melbourne several years ago. However this is a Peruvian version and not the Spanish version. An excellent dish. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I was so full I had to pass up dessert where I was eyeing off some interesting looking dishes. So disappointed.


Red & White Food Review Summary

Verdict: Take a relaxing walk from the CBD to Southbank and you will find Red and White Peruvian Restaurant, the only Peruvian restaurant in Brisbane. I had the tasting plate to start where there are smaller versions of 4 dishes from the entree menu. This gave variety and different flavours. I really liked the 2 ceviche dishes which were very different from each other, the octopus in a mushroom like olive sauce, and the milder potato and tuna dish which was a welcome relief to the stronger flavours of the other dishes. The Peruvian chilli is unique, not initially pungent, but providing some real burn that keeps building in the background. I had a Peruvian herbal drink, emoliente, which was interesting and quite tasty, providing relief to the chilli. It’s quite a filling drink too. For mains I really enjoyed the paella. Lots of seafood and I loved the succulent prawns and scallop. The white wine flavour provides a richness to the flavoursome paella. An absolute steal at just $22. I had an excellent experience and loved the food, but was really disappointed to walk away without dessert as I was too full.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Red & White Peruvian Restaurant Details

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